Without going into too much detail, I would like to tell you that I am somewhat practiced in the art of channeling — meaning — I have been communicating with spirit for many years by aligning my intention with love, by calming my mind, and by writing down without censure, all the stream of consciousness thoughts that have quietly entered my mind.

I would like to say, however, although I have been writing in this manner now for more than fifteen years, for the first ten or so years my level of spiritual understanding left me vulnerable to less-evolved spirit beings, and my own negative energy. I only wish to mention this because I believe that everyone can channel. Thus, everyone should be made aware of the fact that higher-evolved spirit beings such as divinely aligned angels and spirit guides will never insult, demean, demand, insist, belittle, bargain, or threaten. Never. So, please bear that in mind (and heart) as it may spare you unnecessary hardship and suffering.

That said, here follows a number of angelic messages I channeled over the last six years — messages I have chosen to share because of their obvious universality. My struggles are hardly unique. I have a wife and three children, and I wish for love, peace and happiness just as everyone on the planet wishes the same for themselves and their family.

You need to find the true values in life. They are not the things of life such as money, power and fame. They are the intangibles of life, the essences of life – love, honesty, purity of heart. Only this way will you reach your true potential. No other way. 10/8/00

You have to believe in yourself first. That is the only thing you need to remember. Think about yourself in only good light and good will come your way, think in negative thoughts and you will create these realities for yourself. 1/29/03

Physical rewards and gifts do not come from angels. Angels facilitate emotional stability and health. Physical improvements in your life must come from God. It is not ours to say who should have and who should not. We give equally to all souls on earth. We know how to give without need for reciprocation. 11/30/03

Follow your faith and your heart through life’s journey. Money and other material possessions should not motivate your actions along your path. 1/5/04

You have been discovering that we put you through trials so that you may become aware of the areas that require strength and improvement in your day to day life. This is part of the training that we are responsible for arranging and overseeing. 1/8/04

Do not forget that you are a human being and as such, you are susceptible to all the things of this world including things that are unworthy of you. Do not forget that you are a son of God and as such, you are able to do anything that you desire to do. Do not forget this. It is you that stops you. It is nothing else. Believe and you shall receive. 2/29/04

Mankind knows the truth in their hearts. The world is a mask that leads them astray from the truth. They need to find their way back by looking inward for the answers – by evaluating their choices and decisions based on love of self and love of others. 7/25/04

The Bible is great as a reference however if someone needs to be explained something that is said in the Bible then it is useless. It is only valid in that it expresses the truth on an individual basis, one where the reader has love in their heart and receives the truth with that love as their guiding principle. This is the same for all books of any kind. If someone has to explain them to you, then you are not ready to hear the truth that is contained in the words. 7/25/04 – 2

It is a weakness that we all have that we desire to do things on our own time schedule, in our own time frame. God holds the timing of all acts on earth. When the time is right, that is when things happen. 8/9/04

God wills mankind to change, to see the damage they are causing the world and all its inhabitants. God wills love to eradicate hate, want, injustice and suffering. It is time to take notice and make the positive changes in our lives. Now is the time for change – for love – for humanity to rise up as one and defeat hatred and ignorance. 9/3/04

You do not need to seek validation through the words of others. Validation comes from within. Validation comes from your own soul as it seeks truth, as it does those acts that liberate it from the deceitful world within which you live – this brings validation and confirmation to the self. 9/4/04

No one deserves to suffer. No one deserves to be treated in an inhumane way. We are all children of God. We are all born equal. And we all deserve to be treated kindly, and with patience, love and respect. This is how we treat each other here in the world beyond the physical. This is how we must learn to treat each other there, in the world of the physical. 11/13/04

Note: On the morning of December 19, 2004, I woke up feeling a very powerful connection with spirit — a connection that gave rise to messages on 25 different subjects — a small sample of which I have included below.

Try to pray for the things you truly feel you need as opposed to the things you want. This is not always easy to sort out. It is not a problem to ask for what you want, however, when we dwell on what we want and our prayers and efforts bring no results, this often opens a door to anger and frustration. Praying for the health and well-being of others is a loving act that is helpful to the spirit of the intended recipient of the prayer. 12/19/04

It is a loving act to give away something of personal value and importance in order to achieve a goal such as peace and harmony. It is not an act of disrespect to our ancestors if we give away something that they struggled to acquire; it is an act of generosity and understanding. We pray for our nations to be blessed and yet we refuse to find peaceful resolutions to our conflicts. 12/19/04-2

There is a fine line between the needs of comfort and the desire for excess. If one’s comforts come at the expense of the health and well-being of the earth, be careful and conscious to balance the earth’s acts of kindness. Finding ways to give back to the earth can be as diverse as the human population itself. With love in your heart, do whatever you are motivated to do. The important thing to remember is not to take the earth for granted. 12/19/04-3

An excessive availability of money corrupts and influences our choices in a way that leads many to make terrible mistakes. A lack of money creates a different set of trying circumstances. If you have no money, it is best not to be preoccupied with its unavailability. Find your way to love and truth and money will find its way to you. If you have an abundance of money, you have been blessed with an opportunity to help those who are suffering. Be careful to distinguish between those that truly need help and those that are convinced that a lack of money is the root of their unhappiness. 12/19/04-4

It is not God’s will for humankind to suffer. Love does not enjoy the pain of others, no matter what atrocities these others have committed. Life is an opportunity to rise above our negative tendencies, to help those who could benefit by our love. Being born into a life of privilege and abundance is more than a blessing; it is an obligation to assist those who have not been born with the same advantages. Believing that one person deserves abundance while another deserves hardship is a justification for selfishness. Always be thankful and respectful of what you have and think of ways that you can use your advantages to help ease the suffering of others. 12/19/04-5

You know that every door that closes leads to another that opens. Living without shame and embarrassment is an important part of allowing doors to open. Be who you are without restriction. 3/9/05

The thing you must always remember is that you come from God and you will return to God. It matters little what others think of you. What truly matters is what you think of you. You have to live with yourself. Be who you are and strive to do all that you can to elevate yourself. 3/19/05

Look in the mirror and embrace the beauty of the reflection. You are the holder of your own personal destiny. If you wish a grand and glorious life, then go forth and accomplish such a life. There are no limitations on the quality of the life you can create except for those limitations you impose upon yourself. 3/20/05

Recognize the hardships in your life as corrective measures. Love will patiently wait for you to find your way. But love will not passively wait – love will guide, correct, and redirect in an effort to bring about natural balance and harmony. 3/20/05 – 2

It is normal to fall away from yourself when you are overwhelmed by work issues. Practice being who you are at all times, especially while you are immersed in work. It is a great opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. 5/21/05

Practice meditation on a regular basis. Pray for guidance. Be at peace with yourself and the world. Allow love to guide you on your road – and let the road emerge before you without expectation or plan. Just accept the road as it emerges with grace and sincerity and you will find in time that you have found a life that is full of passion and interest and purpose. 9/10/05

Start with a desire to only do that which pleases your soul. That’s all you have to do to once and for all find your way to peace. If you try too hard to meet arbitrary goals, you will fail to find the very thing you are seeking. 11/7/05

You need to trust that you are with God therefore God is with you. You know this and yet do not live in accordance with this understanding. You do not understand the time line of your life. Once you let go of your compulsion to see material change in your life, you may find that you are actually happy. 11/14/05

If you make your choices out of a sense of duty to others before a sense of duty to yourself, you will continue to live hand to mouth as you do. That is how God within your soul, within your nature, your talent and your very essence of being reminds you that there is another road, another way to go that is better. You can listen and change or you can continue to live your life feeling obliged to choose for reasons other than to satisfy your soul. Surrender to yourself and follow your dreams to peace and fulfillment. 11/18/05

Worry will not lift you out from your troubles nor will it bring about the changes you desire. 1/5/06

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