About a year ago, a day didn’t go by where I didn’t inexplicably turn to see a digital clock at exactly 11:11 or 1:11. I found it mildly amusing at first, but when it happened too many times to count on August 22, 2005, I immediately went to my computer, Googled “1111” and surprisingly, got lots of hits — all sharing a similar theme (although it was the first hit that resonated best for me) –- something to the effect that the angels use the 11:11 time prompts to let us know that we are loved, that we are on the right track and that we are not alone. Further to this, it was recommended that whenever we see a time prompt, an appropriate response would be to acknowledge the presence of the angels with a simple “thank you.”

So, that’s what I did – almost every day for the next year – lots and lots of thank you’s until about a month ago, another overwhelming day of 11:11 occurred. Of course, by this time I was seeing 1111 and 111 on clocks, watches, receipts, addresses – everywhere! Anyway, here’s what my angels had to say about 1111 at that time (on July 11, 2006):

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the reason for the 1111 sightings that have been baffling you for several months now. The sightings are not so much to urge you to take action of any sort as much as they are for your enjoyment. They are reminders that we are all on the same spiritual path together and we all share a common objective to bring peace and understanding to the planet at this time. Many souls are working towards this common goal, and many of them are participating as you have been in the sightings of the 1111. This is all you need to know at this time regarding this phenomenon.

Two weeks later, I received a “download” regarding 1111 and wrote about in my journal:

I was standing under a hot shower this morning when it suddenly occurred to me that 11:11 is a call to be my authentic self – that in spite of the often restricting and conforming pressures of family and society and the feelings I have had from time to time that tell me that something is terribly wrong with the world and that I don’t belong, or that I am somehow different and alone and helpless to change the world, 11:11 occurrences not only affirm the opposite to be true, they are also a wake-up call of sorts – a very special and personal call that crosses all cultural, religious and racial boundaries, encouraging me (and many thousands of others all around the world) to take action, to lead by example, to forge an authentic path by willfully choosing to step off the culture train of fear. And while it says all this to me, by its very nature it also tells me that we live in a benevolent universe, a universe where there are helpful, loving forces around us at all times – no matter who we are and where we live. And to this end, it is my understanding that having an inherent sensitivity to 11:11 is not just about acknowledging and thanking the angels for watching over and guiding us, it’s also about cultivating an attitude of responsibility for the state of the world, gently urging us to step out from the crowd in the uniquely loving ways that we can.

For several amazing true examples of how 11:11 interacts in my life, please see this link.

For the continuing story of my spiritual journey, please see this link.

(For my previous story, see this post.)

Incidentally, when I Googled 1111 for the second time in less than a year on July 11, 2006, I found a site I had missed the first time around – a site that talked about the experiences of a man named George Mathieu Barnard and a group of spirit guardians he called Midwayers. George had written a few books on the subject. And he had a message board devoted to 11:11.

Delving further into George’s sites, I found they contained a lot of information I was unfamiliar with, and a lot that I was. But, interestingly, the more I read on the message board, the more I felt a whole lot of love for all the other people like me who had found that board because of 11:11.

After a few hours of reading, I ordered George’s first book – the reading of which I talk about here


UPDATE–October 21, 2011: More than five years have passed since I found the 1111 angels message board. And, although I definitely enjoyed the numerous interactions I had with many different people there, I have not participated in any discussions since 2009 as I came to discover, over time, that the site enforced a few rules and espoused a few beliefs that caused me to feel uncomfortable, and to otherwise question my continuing participation. That said, I am grateful to George and the 1111 family for doing what they do, and for the time I spent with them. I also found Fire the Grid and Shelley Yates as a result of a post that someone had made on that board. And I am very grateful for that too.

6 thoughts on “11:11

  1. After all my searching across numerous web sites,and believe me I’ve been searching,the above comment would be the closest to a satisfactory explanation to my own strange experiences.

    Cheers / Darren

  2. Yeah. I'm 19 years old, and I've been seeing 111 for 4 years now. I like to party a lot and do stupid things.. a lot of the times my friends will get caught by the cops or something of that matter. But for some reason I luck out everytime, and when I do I see 1111 somewhere.

    From all my experiences I can say 111 has changed my life. It feels good to see it. Sort of brightens my day and makes me open my eyes and think more.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Just wanted to say I think it's cool that you are experiencing 1111 at such a young age. Rather than simply taking it for granted or expecting it to get you off the hook for questionable behavior, you might wish to further explore your innate sensitivity. In that regard, there is an interesting web forum at http://board.1111angels.com you might find interesting. Thanks for dropping by, and best wishes to you.

  4. Thank you Mathew for leaving us with this uplifting testimony as I believe many of us that see 11:11 fear to acknowledge the fact that it is a symbol from Above and a very positive sight. I have a friend who also sees it a lot but thinks its scary and acts almost frightened every time he sees it. I started seeing it myself a few years ago and just recently realized the goodness of it and positivity about it and have since then been liberated by all my fears and frustrations about life in general that I had before. But really so many people nowadays stress about unnecessary things and my approach to life now is very simple: do unto others what you'd like done to you and this is my way of being now as it almost always has been in the past but before I would also stress and get frustrated about things at times. Not anymore. I live in peace with myself and the world now living everyday as a gift from Above and thankful for everything I have and the wonderful people in my life beginning with my Family, my wonderful Husband and my close friends, whom I love all so dearly and tell them every chance I get.
    This past winter I was diagnosed with brain cancer however I had it surgically removed and I am now healthier than I have been in a very long time. I went through radiation and chemo therapies but was able to stay strong through it all and held a positive attitude towards it as I knew I was going to get through it. I was only 29 years old and had just gotten married 6 months prior. I knew it would all be a distant memory soon, thanks to The One Upstairs and all the celestial beings that were right there by my side through it all. I am now cancer free and healthy.
    It was after this that I finally realized the true meaning just as you described it of the frequent 11:11 sightings I had.
    Thanks again Mathew for sharing your story with us.

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