Having worked in a freelance industry for the last 25 years, I have become more than accustomed to a lack of job security. However, thirteen months of unemployment is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. My family’s savings are gone — as is our credit. And although I am a partial owner of a private business, it generates no dividends and recent efforts to sell my shares have proven unsuccessful thus far. In the meantime, I have been doing my level best to remain positive, to master negative thinking and emotions, to follow my heart and to live each moment with an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness. And for the most part, I feel like I have been succeeding — although, truth be told, if not for the angels’ guidance, there’s no telling what kind of panicked state I’d be in.

What you must learn to do is to accept your life, no matter what state it appears to be in, and be thankful for your life, no matter what state it appears to be in, and enjoy your life to the fullest, no matter what state your life appears to be in, and let go of your concerns about the future. Yes, of course you may make plans for the future. Obviously, forward thinking is important in many circumstances otherwise you will never be prepared for the events that are to take place in your life. So, yes, make plans, but accept the outcomes as they happen. In other words, be thankful and grateful and enjoy your life whether events transpire the way you intend for them to transpire or not. 6/24/06

Look within your heart and your mind for solutions to your challenges, your problems, your dilemmas. The answers are there within your being. Be courageous and be committed. And most of all, be patient. The answers are there for you. But you must believe. Believe in love. And believe in yourself. And answers will come in time, just as change will come, gradually, in direct proportion to your willingness to stay the course of self-improvement. 7/3/06

Make sure that you are in a state of joy when you reach out to help. Do not help out of a sense of duty, help out of a sense of compassion and joy – the joy of doing good work for those who need your help. There is a distinction here between duty and passion. Be careful and you will be fine. The same goes for your writing – duty and responsibility versus passion. There is a distinction to be made. Find the passion and the joy in the passion, and you will find that your writing is helped by those of us with higher vibrations and motives. 7/27/06

We see that you have discovered a correlation that exists between your renewed and elevated spirit and the material plane. You have adjusted your vibration and as such you are experiencing a rejection of sorts. But it is not permanent. This is a naturally occurring response to a sudden raise in consciousness. Of course, it also serves to test your faith and your convictions — so, it is purposeful. Unfortunately, it is also painful in so much as you are experiencing alienation and separation and a sense that the earth plane does not want or appreciate your efforts. But this is the illusion that matter would have you believe at this stage in your life. 8/1/06

When you feel as though you are alone and yet synchronous events are all around you at every turn, why do you despair so? You are not alone. You are surrounded by love and light. 8/4/06

Now you are communing with your spirit. You are speaking from your own source. You are love and light and it is emanating directly through and from your own being. This is what we have been trying to show you. Speak your own mind, find your own thoughts and express them. Whatever the subject you wish to address, reach into your own being and express yourself. Draw upon your experience to get you started, and then trust that whatever flows out from you is guided by love of self and trust of self, and trust of the forces of nature and nurture. This is what we speak of when we refer to the divine spark. It is within you and it can only be activated by you. You are the master of this divine spark. It is yours to call upon and to use as you see fit. 8/4/06 – 2

You have discovered that you don’t have to find your way to peace and tranquility with the aid of meditation and prayer. You can find it with love in your heart, and with acceptance of all that you feel and see. If you are prepared to accept all that you encounter in your experience as “good” then you will find that you have found the road to peace without the need for any other practice.

You are feeling a little baffled by this. That is okay. Perhaps there is a better way to explain what we are trying to say. Sometimes people look to meditation and prayer as the means to the end result, when in fact, the peace and the love and the acceptance they are seeking are within them already. Prayer and meditation are a training; a route to peace and tranquility. However, once you find this peace in your life, you will find that it is in your heart, and that just by being who you are, you have that peace; you carry it with you. Yes, we sense your thoughts about riding a bicycle. And yes, it is very similar. When you touch these feelings for the first time in your life, you don’t lose them. You can recall them at any time, like the balance required to ride a bicycle. Once learned, it can be recalled at any time.

All that said, now you must learn to apply what you have learned to your day to day life. It is not easy to maintain this sense of peace when life swirls in patterns of chaos around you. 8/7/06

You will find in time that peace will not be content to stand still, to be inactive, to accept what it sees around it. Peace, like love, being an essential component of love, will seek to foster change, especially when its opposite energy exists. Peace seeks to elevate confusion and chaos to a level of understanding. And in this way, after a time, you will find that the longer you remain in your peaceful state, the more that creative ideas will flow through you and excite you to bring change to the world through creative expression – but all in good time. 8/7/06 – 2

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