Part One – The Discovery

My daughter, Kaylin used to have a small pink chandelier hanging in the center of her bedroom…

One night in 2003, when Kaylin was five years old, my wife Nola had just finished tucking her into bed for the night when she discovered that Kaylin’s night light bulb was burned out. Thankfully, necessity being the mother of invention, rather than delaying Kaylin’s bedtime by making a special trip to the nearest hardware store, Nola found that by adjusting the chandelier’s dimmer switch to its lowest setting, a suitable glow of light shone throughout the room.

And, so it came to pass, an entire year of bedtimes came and went while Kaylin’s chandelier performed extra duties as a nightlight. That is, until the night of January 14, 2004.

As it happened on that fateful night, Nola tucked Kaylin into bed, and set the chandelier to its lowest setting. And, all was well — at least for a few hours anyway — until I was suddenly awoken from a deep sleep to the sound of Kaylin’s distressed voice.


A few moments later, standing at Kaylin’s bedside, she said she had a bad dream, but didn’t want to talk about it. She then asked in the sweetest little voice, “Will you lie down with me?”

We had moved three times in the previous eight years — having only been in the current house for less than a year — so, I suppose the fact that I woke up sometime later in a strange bed, in a strange room, with absolutely no idea where I was, was somewhat justifiable. Unfortunately, however, the longer I looked around the dimly lit room and failed to recognize a single thing, the more that feelings of panic quickly escalated. In fact, within a matter of seconds, the distress that I experienced was so unbearably high, for lack of a better way of putting it, I thought my head was going to explode.

Thankfully, however, after what felt like an eternity (but was probably more like five seconds), I remembered standing at my daughter’s bedside, hearing her adorable request for me to lie down with her, and just like that, an indescribable rush of relief washed over me — my memory was back!

In stark contrast to what I had just experienced, as I looked around Kaylin’s darkened room for the second time in a matter of seconds, this time I immediately recognized every little detail: the bookshelves, the pictures on the wall, the stuffed animals, the chandelier.

Oddly, no sooner did my eyes fall upon the chandelier, I was captivated by its five twinkling bulbs. Of course, I knew what I was looking at. However, there was something strangely familiar about the alignment of the bulbs that I just couldn’t place. What is it, I wondered, as I continued to stare. Moments later, an unexpected shift in perception revealed the answer:

The bulbs defined the outline of a human body with individual points of light at the head, the hands and the feet. Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” came to mind (see below). Though, to be more precise, I saw a human being floating in the blackness of space, with its head, hands and feet touching five equally spaced shining stars, and all of it contained within the perimeter of a circle.

Vitruvian Man

vitruvian man

I should also point out, as soon as my perception shifted, I also experienced a feeling of euphoria that was accompanied by unequivocal knowledge that the symmetrical five-sided constellation I was gazing upon (as represented by the figure of a human being) was known throughout the Cosmos as the universal symbol of humanity. How I knew this, I can only say that with all of my heart I recognized it, or remembered it, in spite of the fact that I had never known, read, or heard anything about this symbol before that moment.

A few minutes later, with Kaylin back to sleep again, I quietly left her room and made my way along the short section of hallway that led to our master bedroom. Strangely, Nola had managed to remain asleep throughout the entire incident, and continued to do so even as I crawled back into the bed beside her. Soon, her rhythmic breathing lulled me to sleep too. Though, I can’t say for how long because the next thing I knew, Kaylin was suddenly screaming with fright.


The urgency and terror in her voice launched me like a catapult straight to her open bedroom door where I was surprised to find myself greeted by stone-cold silence. My heart pounded wildly as I stood there for several seconds. All the while, I couldn’t help but wonder, did my daughter just shriek in terror, or did I imagine the whole thing. Just in case it was the former, I decided to whisper as quietly and calmly as I could, “What’s the matter, honey?”

Much to my surprise, Kaylin answered right away, “My night light is off.” It seemed like she’d been waiting the whole time for me to say something.

I must say, not only did it startle me to hear her little voice, but the tone of her voice was so completely calm, it baffled me how she could be so terribly distressed in one moment only to speak so calmly in the next.

Nevertheless, before I could contemplate this fact, the content of her response immediately drew my attention to something obvious that I had failed to notice. Namely, her room was indeed pitch black.

Reacting more than thinking, I immediately reached inside her door frame, fumbled for the switch plate, and pressed the on-off button that was situated just beneath the sliding dimmer control. It made a distinctive ‘click’ as it toggled from one position to the other. But the room remained dark. Pushing the on-off button a second time, it clicked again, only this time the bulbs of the chandelier alighted to their lowest setting — just as I had left them earlier in the night. This too baffled me.

How was it possible that the chandelier had turned itself off and stayed off even though the power switch had clearly been in the “on” position the whole time? This had never happened before. In fact, even in situations of black-outs — and there had been a few — the chandelier always came back on as soon as the power was restored. So, what was different this time? For a moment, I contemplated the possibilities.

If a power outage had occurred, the chandelier should have come back on. And if an outage hadn’t occurred, what had caused the chandelier to turn off in the first place?

I knew I wasn’t going to come up with the answer then and there, nor did I have the energy to try. It was the middle of the night, the chandelier was back on, and Kaylin and I needed to get back to sleep.

For the third time that night, I kissed Kaylin goodnight, fully intending to go back to my own bed. However, as soon as I tried to leave the room, Kaylin suddenly announced that she was scared, and asked if I would lie down with her again. Of course, I couldn’t say no. But, I was also wary of a second round of amnesia, so I climbed into her bed fully intent on staying awake by fixing my gaze on that beautiful, floating symbol of humanity. And for a few seconds, that’s precisely what I did until something frightening dawned on me:

My daughter had shrieked in terror because the lights had gone out on humanity.

As soon as this struck me, a wave of chills ran up and down my spine. Of course, I had no idea whether it was something to be taken symbolically or literally. I only just experienced it as something mysterious, but it left me feeling completely spooked.

Minutes later, with Kaylin back asleep, and me back in my own bed, I lay there and continued to feel spooked as I seriously contemplated waking Nola up to talk about it. She looked so peaceful, however, I decided to leave her be. After all, what was the use of both of us laying awake, freaked out?

The next morning, after I finally had an opportunity to discuss the events of the night with Nola, I soon found myself obsessed, or driven, much like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” If you’ve ever seen the movie, no doubt you remember the scene where he frantically sculpts his mashed potatoes into the shape of a mountain. Well, that was me! Only, in my case, magic markers and paper were the medium I used as I made several interpretive sketches of the symbol I had seen in the night until, finally, after about an hour I drew the one that put my heart at ease.

Later that day (January 15), I meditated for half an hour before I sat in front of my computer for a channeling session.

“You have received a valuable gift, Mathew,” my guardian angel told me. “Use it with God’s blessing. It is a symbol of universal humanity — a blessed symbol that unites the races of man and distinguishes the human race from others throughout the universe. Even though you have altered yours from the original design, it will still be recognizable on the level of the subconscious to all who see it. We would suggest you not concern yourself with the original design as it is not important. What is important is that you know it exists, and that other races identify humanity by this sign. Congratulations.”

Although the message validated much of what I had already received in the night, the realization that I had somehow changed the symbol from its original design left me feeling disappointed. What was the original design, I wondered. I had drawn dozens of possibilities before I had arrived at the one that put my heart at ease. How had I altered it? I knew I was advised not to concern myself, but I just couldn’t help that it bothered me.

Furthermore, I was also bothered by the chills I experienced when I had realized that the lights had gone out on humanity. Although my guardian angel hadn’t specifically addressed that point, it had left me feeling a sense of urgency about my life and the path of personal healing and transformation that I had been consciously walking for the past few years.

In the days that followed, I felt compelled to revisit the sketches I had made during my frenetic Close Encounters-like episode. One of those sketches resonated very deeply with my inner child, and included the words, “Nations of the World Unite, One Planet, One People, One Purpose.”

Clearly, somewhere between the experience of January 14, and the act of making sketches the following morning, I received a “download” on the subject of Oneness. I can unequivocally attest to this because prior to that moment (when I had written down those words of Oneness), I had never had a single thought, idea, or understanding about the subject. But just like that, I was suddenly feeling the truth of Oneness profoundly and deeply, and I could see that truth reflected in the Humanity Symbol as I inexplicably knew that each of the five spokes not only represented the extremities of the human body (head, hands, and feet), but also the five root races of man (red, black, brown, yellow and white), all connected in the center by the heart of humanity — our common connection with each other and divinity.

Minutes later (after experiencing the Oneness download), I found a few articles on the web claiming that humanity originated from four root races. I admit this left me feeling a little confused. But, then I came upon an article that said the famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce received from spirit that humanity originated from five root races. The moment I read that, I felt validated and stopped researching any further.

Here is the design that put my heart at ease:

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.17.56 PM

Here is the graphic (without the words) that resonated with my inner child:

  humanity symbol cropped

On September 14, 2004, exactly nine months to the day after I discovered the Humanity Symbol (although I had no idea of the significance of the date at the time), I woke up feeling suddenly desperate to wear the Humanity Symbol around my neck in the form of a pendant. Strangely, that feeling hit me with such overwhelming intensity, and remained with me for several hours until Nola put me in touch with a jeweler who said he could make the pendant in a week. Hearing that news, I immediately settled down.

One week later, good to his word, I hung the pendant around my neck for the very first time, and breathed a huge sigh of relief. And, that’s where part one of this story ends.

Here is a photo of the pendant I had made:

  Photo of humanity pendant

An interesting side note:

For the first five years of Kaylin’s life, my hours as a freelance employee in the Hollywood motion picture industry were consistently long, erratic and unpredictable. As a result, Kaylin knew from a very early age only to call for “Mommy” in the night — something she did at least once a night as she was afraid of the dark, and didn’t have the strongest of bladders. Thus, by January 14, 2004 Nola had been regularly responding to Kaylin’s nightly calls for years — a fact that left me wondering, what caused Kaylin to call out twice for “Daddy” on the night that she did.

Furthermore, how was it that Nola slept soundly through two separate cries for “Daddy” when over the course of many years she had never once slept through a single call for “Mommy.” If all that wasn’t cause for pause, how about the fact that in the days and weeks that followed, Kaylin immediately resumed her regular practice of calling for “Mommy” in the night?

Okay. But, what does it all mean?

As far as my understanding at the time was concerned, the experience of January 14 told me that I wasn’t alone, that I was on the right track, and the part about the lights going out on humanity seemed to suggest a sense of urgency to stay the course. Beyond that, I hadn’t a clue.

All I knew for sure was, I had been working for several years to align my intentions with Divine Love, and to overcome the negative thinking and beliefs that I felt had mastered me for much of my life. Therefore, January 14 was looked upon as a form of confirmation and encouragement that was different from the kind of channeled encouragement I often “received” with words.

Also, as far as the timing of this incident was concerned, I had just barely recovered from a traumatic spirit attack that happened on January 8th. Thus, in the wake of that attack, I looked upon the events of January 14th as a gift, albeit an unusual one.

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