Back in February of 2006, I first created this blog because I had been receiving guidance from my friends in spirit for several years — guidance that was really helpful to me — and it suddenly dawned on me, perhaps others could be helped by this guidance too. So, I put together a compilation of many of the messages I had received, and this blog was born.

Later, as I began to channel more messages, I added a link to the bottom of each channeled message that would take the reader in chronological order to the next channeled message. The oldest channeled message I have posted on this blog is from 1999. That post is here.

Over the years, this blog has also become a living record of my quest to find and live the life intended. That story begins here, with a story about a ghost. At the end of that post (and all others that form part of my continuing story), you will find a link to the next installment. Read it from the beginning, or jump around as you wish.

Okay, So What is The Life Intended?

In fairness, I believe we are all living a version of the life intended (with or without trying to do so, and with or without awareness), as I have come to understand that there are no accidents or coincidences. To the contrary, nothing happens in our life (or in this world) without intention and without purpose, though sadly, for the majority of us, many of our intentions are created by subconscious desires, fears, programming, and beliefs.

That said, in so far as this blog is concerned, The Life Intended refers to the life we experience when our intentions are conscious and aligned with Love regardless of the outer circumstances we are experiencing. Said another way, The Life Intended refers to the highest life path that we can walk — the most divinely aligned path, and best life we could ever aspire to live.

As I understand it, the telltale signs of such a life are that it is predominated by feelings of inner peace, joy, compassion, and fulfillment — the steadfast results of an unwavering intention to look within, to open one’s heart, to face one’s fears, and to align one’s thoughts, words and actions with Love. (For more detailed information on this, please see the post, The Truth Shall Set You Free).

About Religion

Although my spiritual life was predominantly influenced by an incredible, face-to-face encounter I had in 1984 with a spirit being I innately recognized as Jesus (and later in life, by numerous non-physical encounters I had with angels, spirit guides, and group souls), this blog does not endorse nor ascribe to any one religion or spiritual practice as I have come to understand that there are Love-aligned teachings (as well as misaligned teachings) in all faiths, and all religions, as well as within the beliefs and practices of atheism too.

I believe that Love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. And, at the end of the day, I believe that actions are far more telling than words and beliefs.

About God

For the purposes of clarification, my use of the word “God” within this blog is meant to convey the same meaning as (and may be freely interchanged with) words such as Goddess, Allah, Yahweh, Source, All That Is, Creator, Supreme Being, Mother Nature, Universe, Great Spirit, Divine Love, or any other word (or words) that someone who believes in a Higher Power might use.

About Discernment

In so far as truth is concerned, it is my contention that it is up to each and every one of us to decide for ourselves that which speaks to our hearts, and that which doesn’t. Just because someone claims to channel from celestial sources (including me), it doesn’t mean that they do, nor does it mean that their source is of a clear, high vibration, or that they themselves are free from the influence of ego, fear, unconscious desires, programming, and/or other lower forces and beings.

That said, although my intentions are honest and sincere and the information I relate is complete and accurate to the best of my abilities, I urge you all to listen with your heart, to keep an open mind, and to trust your own discernment to guide you along your path.

About Negative Beings

In this blog I occasionally relate stories that deal with “dark”/misaligned beings because my life’s journey led me to experience those things. To not include that material because of its controversial nature or because it might make some people uncomfortable would be a disservice to you, as well as to myself.

In the main, I believe that by sharing my personal encounters with dark beings, I am exposing those aspects of my experience to the light (which is definitely a good thing!), and in so doing, presenting a balanced view of the unseen world. Nevertheless, you will always find a ***CAUTION*** note at the head of any post that deals with dark subjects. That way, if you don’t wish to read that material, simply skip over it. Thank you for your understanding.

About The Guardians of the Light (aka The Guardians):

The vast majority of the channeling I have done (and continue to do) is signed off by The Guardians, tho from time to time, I have also heard from AA Michael, the angels, my spirit guide (I named him Z), The Council of One, and Divine Love. That said, please see this link for more on The Guardians (in their own words).

Thank you for visiting. Your questions and comments are most welcome anywhere throughout this blog, as is the sharing of any post on social media. (Please notice the “Like” button and social media icons at the bottom of every post).

God bless and Namaste,


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