I Want Cookies!!! (A true story)

On the evening of April 16, 2006, my family was seated around the kitchen table finishing an informal dinner when I suddenly experienced a strong desire for a cookie.

Now, I should tell you that I am the last person in my household to have cravings for sugar as I should also tell you that unlike the rest of my family, I am the one who is known to be even-tempered. Sure, I experience an occasional mood swing, but I have always done well to keep my emotions in check. In other words, I very rarely raise my voice.

That said, you can appreciate the shock my family experienced when after dinner was over, I asked if we had any cookies in the house. And you can further appreciate their shock when upon finding out that we didn’t have any, I responded by angrily exclaiming “What?!” I was only joking, of course. But for a brief moment, my family wasn’t sure. “I want cookies,” I demanded. I then pounded my fist on the table and stated, “I want cookies and I want them now!!” Right at that moment, the doorbell rang. In fact, I couldn’t have cued that doorbell to ring at a more precise time if I had planned it.

Back in 2006, our glass front door was visible from the kitchen table. So, when the doorbell rang, we all turned to see my wife’s parents standing outside the door. Kaylin, my youngest, immediately got up and ran to the door while I yelled after her in jest, “Kaylin, ask Grandma if she brought my cookies.” I said it in such a way as to imply dire consequences if Grandma didn’t have the cookies with her –- a threat which caused everyone to immediately break into laughter, including Kaylin who was already giggling when she opened the front door.

“Hi Grandma,” Kaylin said. “Daddy wants to know if you brought his cookies.” This set everyone into more laughter, including Grandma and Grandpa who weren’t even in on the joke. However, the reason for their laughter soon became apparent as Grandma reached into her purse with a perplexed expression on her face and withdrew a large new bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

“I was at the store,” she said, still chuckling, “and there was a two for one special. So, I bought you a bag.” She handed the bag to Kaylin who then ran it in to the kitchen and set it down in front of me.

“Here’s your cookies, Daddy,” she said.

And, get this. The brand name on the bag was “Dad’s Cookies.” I kid you not.

dad's cookies

By the way, not only did Nola’s parents drop by unannounced, but in twenty years of marriage, never once had they done so bearing cookies!

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