When I first discovered the Fire the Grid website in October of 2006, I was so moved by Shelley Yates’ story (reduced to tears, in fact), I had to send her an email. A week and a half later, Shelley and her partner Cliff were in Toronto for a convention and we arranged to meet. (Gotta love synchronicity!)

Suffice to say, not only did we meet, we connected on so many levels, we ended up staying in touch (and have met several times) ever since. For those of you who haven’t heard, Fire the Grid is a one hour synchronized meditation event set to take place all over the world beginning at 11:11 GMT on July 17, 2007.

Please read Shelley’s amazing personal story at Fire the Grid and be sure to check out the World Clock in order to confirm what time 11:11 GMT will be in your particular time zone (you will be shown the corresponding time in your time zone provided the clock on your computer is set to your correct local time). I truly hope you will be moved to participate on July 17.

For those of you who would like to know even more about the origins of Fire the Grid (and what comes next), I highly recommend you listen to a wonderful one hour interview with Shelley that was conducted by Maureen Moss of The World Puja Network (on June 5, 2007). You will have to join The World Puja Network in order to listen, however, there is no cost to join or to listen (unless you wish to purchase the recording). Once you join and log in, click on the Archives link, scroll to June, 2007, then simply click on Shelley’s photo and the interview will play.

On a related note (no pun intended), the beautiful music that you hear on the Fire the Grid website is the creation of two very talented musicians named Bradfield and Anael. Bradfield is the composer and his partner Anael is the vocalist.

In addition to their contributions as musicians, Bradfield and Anael have been the steady driving force behind the incredible success of Fire the Grid. Bradfield built and maintains the website while Anael handles and coordinates all of the administration. It is a huge job that they have both selflessly and unconditionally done (and continue to do).

Although you will find a half hour of their music generously offered for free on the Fire the Grid site, I would like to encourage you to check out the entirety of their inspired creations at Apsis Music.

Also, tune into their interview on June 15 at 6pm PST on The World Puja Network with Grammy award winning producer and composer Barry Goldstein.

5 thoughts on “Fire the Grid

  1. Hello Mathew,

    I came upon your web site while doing a blog search on George
    Barnard and 11:11.

    I then came upon THIS post. WOW !!!

    I’m going to share with my friends about this on my own blog.
    The time is coming close to

    Your post on Fire The Grid is so well written I hope you won’t mind if I use a link to your site too.


  2. what’s now the conclusion of this worldwide synchroniced meditation ? did anybody registered or measured anything ??

  3. Hi Francois,

    Thanks for your question. If you are looking for scientific validation that something changed in a physical way as a result of the meditation, I’m afraid that you will be sorely disappointed. The closest thing to scientific research that I know of is The Global Consciousness Project (http://noosphere.princeton.edu/). If you visit that sight and click on the link “the primary results hypothesis registry” under the heading of “Scientific Work” you can then scroll all the way down to the “Fire the Grid” event on July 17, 2007 to read their results. They are hardly conclusive. Nor is there any proof that their methods are sound.

    In terms of other (non scientific proof), one can only rely on one’s inner feelings — and to this end, personally speaking, from all that I have gone through in my own personal journey, I am convinced that an uplifting and valuable energy exchange occurred as a result of the Fire the Grid meditaion. Also, I hope in the near future that many of the personal validations that participants experienced during their meditations on July 17 will be posted on the FTG website. There were some 10,000 comments submitted within a few weeks of the meditation, many of which reported personal miracles and other amazing phenomema that were attributed to the synchronized meditation. I am only privy to this information because of my friendship with Shelley Yates and the FTG organizers. Unfortunately, Shelley has been working very hard to overcome personal issues related to her weight and to her overall health as well as family circumstances, all of which have stood in the way of any update being provided on her site. Hopefully there will be something forthcoming soon…

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