Having sold off most of our possessions over the course of the last few months, what little we have left has been packed into two small storage containers; the rest packed into six pieces of luggage, six carry on bags, and eleven small boxes of various dimension that were purposely left behind at a UPS store in Buffalo, New York (awaiting an address to ship them to).

In the meantime, Nola, Kaylin and myself have travelled to Woodland Hills, California, where we have resided in a hotel room since July 4th. Since our arrival, I sent out a group email notifying my friends of my changed email address since my previous one was unexpectedly and irretrievably terminated when our home cable service was disconnected (who knew?).

Nevertheless, as a result of the group email, a friend and human angel, Bonnie (the same woman who graciously allowed us stay in her rental property on the fact finding trip we took to LA a year earlier — see Angelic Intervention), offered to let us stay in her family home from July 8, the day we were “coincidentally” scheduled to check out of the hotel, until sometime around the 17th of July — the day of Fire the Grid.

As it happened, although Bonnie and her husband were out of town for several weeks, they committed their home to another friend to house sit while they were away. However, when Bonnie received my email announcing that I was in LA (and that my email address had changed), her house guest had just hours before informed her that he had rented an apartment and was going to be vacating her house on July 8th — another amazing act of synchronicity!

Speaking of synchronicity, the only reason we traveled to California on July the 4th, U.S. Independence Day, was because we were able to pre-book a really cheap flight on that day. Of course, the significance of the day (relative to our own personal journey) wasn’t lost on us. In fact, as soon as we realized that we’d be arriving in Los Angeles at 2:30 in the afternoon on July the 4th, we knew we needed to find a fireworks celebration to attend that night.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, right beside our hotel was a park, and in that park that night was the most spectacular (very expensive) fireworks presentation we could ever have imagined. According to the MC who hosted the event, there were approximately 40,000 people in attendance that night.

I can’t begin to tell you how great it feels to be here!!!

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