On January 8, 2004, having woken in the middle of the night with an upset stomach, I decided to get out of bed to pray and meditate. I then sat down in front of my computer and channeled a long series of messages from my guardian angel before going back to bed. (Days later, the timing of two of those channeled messages — one about “trials” and the other about “the nature of evil” — struck me as amazing. If you are interested, you can read an extract of one of these messages by clicking here, and then scrolling down to read “Trials”)

Back in the small hours of January 8, once the channeling was complete, I went back to bed, and awoke a few hours later to the sun streaming through my bedroom window. As I slowly drifted back to consciousness, I felt like I had just spent time in the company of angels. But I couldn’t remember anything specific for several seconds until I suddenly recalled being told that my personal journals were to be used as the basis for a book. Interestingly, I had always wanted to write a book, but it had never occurred to me that my journals could be adapted for that purpose. Suddenly, I felt excited. And I was eager to remember more details about my conversation. And it began to come back to me. For instance, I remembered being told about an introductory letter I was to write to the future publisher — a charitable organization where I was to donate my finished manuscript. I even remembered the opening sentence: “We have never met.” Well, suddenly I was so excited, I bounded out of bed, and down the stairs to my basement office where I immediately sat at my computer and began to type.

Dear Father Anthony,

As soon as I wrote the word “Dear,” the name “Father Anthony” just flowed off my fingertips. Although I was surprised to find myself channeling a letter, I simply let the process unfold.

Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints
Provo, Utah 41768

Well, this information completely shocked me. Why would a religious organization be interested in publishing a book about my experiences? And who were the Latter Day Saints? I thought they might be the Mormons, but I wasn’t sure. Consequently, I decided to stop and do a bit of research on the internet.

First, I discovered that the Mormons didn’t publish the names of their leadership on the web. In fact, if I didn’t know any better (and I didn’t), it appeared that the Mormon organization was shrouded in secrecy. Furthermore, while I went on to discover that there were dozens of Mormon temples in the city of Provo, the zip code I had received was not in Utah but Kentucky. It also seemed that the Mormons didn’t refer to their church leaders as “Father.” Nevertheless, because I had never heard of Provo, and yet Provo turned out to be a major Mormon center, this one fact impressed me enough to forgive the other inconsistencies. And so, I continued on with the channeling — a choice I later came to view as mistake number one.

I typed the words I remembered from my dream/angelic encounter,  “We have never met,” and this seemed to cue additional channeled words to flow…

I am a man who has traveled along a path such as yours. I seek enlightenment and peace in the world. I am very interested in the welfare of the human family. I have children and a wife and am a devoted husband and father to my adorable children.

I found it interesting that I was channeling in the first person even though I wasn’t consciously thinking about myself. And then the message suddenly changed directions.

Before I share those channeled words, I should probably tell you that although I was born Jewish, I never had any interest in religion. As a child, I refused to participate in religious studies, and probably went to church only five or six times as an adult in the early days of my marriage (my wife was a practicing Presbyterian).

Nevertheless, if you have read some of my other posts, particularly the one entitled Supernatural or What?, you will already know that Jesus played a pivotal role in my spiritual journey. That said, His role was one of love, acceptance and compassion, clearly with no agenda to convert or proselytize. As for the message I was about to receive, let’s just say it was not loving, accepting, or compassionate. And yet, I stayed with it. Perhaps it was the fact that I was distracted by the force and clarity with which the message came through — it was stronger than any channeling I had ever done. Or perhaps it was owing to the fact that I was unduly influenced by my excitement. Whatever the case, here is the channeled message that followed:

Blessed is he who travels the long and winding road through the darkness, and through the process, washes themselves clean, free from fear, free from oppression, free from tyranny, to enter unto the world of our Holy Father free from sin. Blessed is he who achieves this in his lifetime as Jesus Christ has taught us through his most valiant efforts. Praise the One who has shown the way for Jesus and for all those that follow along his path to salvation. His is a lonely path of despair and servitude and unbridled faith that delivers him to the promise of salvation. It is a long and winding road but alas it is a road that leads to God, to deliverance from evil, to the place of God and light, the place where God resides in heaven, upon His mighty throne of gold and jewels.

It is in this place that we must all strive to return for this is the place that life and love come from. This is the place that sustains and nourishes us in our Oneness with the Almighty God force that resides there within. It is in this place that the expression “Be unto others as he who would be unto thineself” comes to light. It is a place of peace and tranquility and everlasting love and hope, free of despair, free of hate, free of want and need. It is here that we all must arrive in order to pursue our higher purpose in life: to become the true human family that we are intended to become. It is here that God wishes us all eternal peace and happiness; within this home at the end of our road.

At this point in the channeling, I was so enthralled with the nature of the message, and the unusual strength and clarity of the connection, when the channeling went on to continue (for about an hour longer) and the source changed from anonymous to Jesus dictating directly in the first person, I failed to determine that the source was negative — even though I began to feel unwell in the region of my stomach.

You see, an important lesson I had yet to learn was that no matter who we are interacting with, if an exchange causes us to respond with negative emotions or symptoms, it is incumbent upon us to either speak up for ourselves or remove ourselves from the situation. In my case, because my reverence for Jesus (and my excitement) was so much greater than my need to feel well, I did neither. Instead, I endured growing discomfort while I allowed myself to receive pages upon pages of cruel lies.

In the final analysis (after spending the last few years coming to terms with this experience), it became clear to me that the message I channeled that day was 100% negative from the outset. Not only did “factual” information not check out with complete accuracy (as discussed), but the message itself was riddled with information that was inconsistent with the lessons I had learned (and continue to learn).

For one, God does not sit apart from humanity, looking down with judgment, waiting and hoping for us to obey Him in order to one day join Him in Heaven. God is always with us (God is omnipresent). And God wills us to align with Him always. Of course, the choice to align or not is solely ours to make, and may be done so at any time, regardless of who we are, what we have done, or how inconsistent we are (or inevitably will be) with our thoughts, words and deeds. Furthermore, we are not blessed more by God because of the choices we make. We are all equally blessed because we are the equally loved creations of a loving God. It matters not whether we follow the path of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Joseph Smith or anybody else (or not), all roads lead to God.

Knowing this as I do, it eventually became evident to me that this channeled message was specifically designed to challenge and confuse my understanding, and of course, to ensnare me as it did. Through the use of dogmatic terms such as sin, salvation, servitude, heaven, and unbridled faith, the message both impressed and deceived. (I mean, really, “unbridled faith?” Faith is always unbridled! That’s why it’s called faith! On the other hand, servitude is generally unbridled, though most of humanity is unaware of this fact. But that is another story for another day.)

For now, suffice to say, as a result of this experience, I learned several valuable lessons about the nature of God and the nature of unseen negative forces. And I learned the hard way why you should never conduct a channeling when not feeling well, or when the channeling suddenly causes you to feel unwell. Because, in the hour or so that followed this experience, I ended up possessed by the very spirit that had been speaking with me.

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