A true story:

Once upon a time, a Beautiful Being materialized before a twenty-three year old agnostic man’s eyes, forever changing the way the young man perceived his life. Without uttering a single word, the Beautiful Being communicated to this young man, Mathew, that God was real, that a dimension of spirit existed, and that prayer was a worthy practice (not just for Mathew, but for the Beautiful Being as well).

Five seconds later, the Beautiful Being was gone. But not before the following additional knowledge was silently yet indelibly impressed upon young Mathew’s heart and mind:

You are loved;
You are cared for;
You are respected;
You are forgiven;
You are important;
You are special.

Unfortunately, it would take young Mathew another twenty-three years before he was finally ready to share this message. You see, although it was somehow known that the message was intended for more hearts and minds than his, it would end up taking Mathew all those many years before he knew, without a hint of reservation, that he fully understood the message. Of course, by this time, Mathew wasn’t so young anymore. Nevertheless, he was finally ready to share the Beautiful Being’s message:

God is real;
A dimension of spirit exists;
Prayer is a worthy practice, and;
Unconditionally, without exception, and with absolute equality,

We are all loved;
We are all cared for;
We are all respected;
We are all forgiven;
We are all important;
We are all special.

For additional details about Mathew’s experience with the Beautiful Being, please see this link.

For a deeper understanding of the Beautiful Being’s message, please see this link.

God Bless and Namaste

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  1. Thank you for saying so, Valerie. I get so few comments on this blog, I often wonder if I'm making any sense at all. Namaste, dear friend. xo <3

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