On December 14, 2003 — exactly one month prior to the experience I refer to as A Mystical Wake-Up Call — I woke up remembering a dream in which I was holding a very small amoeba-like creature in my hand and felt very protective and worried that this creature might not survive in my care. As is my custom, I wrote the dream down in my journal. A week later, I happened to mention this strange amoeba dream while on the phone with my sister, Anne. Well, you can imagine the shock when Anne excitedly told me that she too had had the exact same dream. Like me, she had written her dream down and had referred to the creature she had held in her hand as “an amoeba” too. What makes this even more unusual is that my sister and I hadn’t spoken for several months prior to this conversation. We were also living 800 miles apart in different countries. Furthermore, one might have expected a strange phenomenon like this to have happened on the same night. In our case, however, we had our respective dreams several days apart from one other.

I could hardly wait to hear what the the angels might have to say about this. Here is the explanation I received:

The amoeba that you both saw was a human being in embryonic form. You are both nurturing yourselves into a blooming flower. Embryos by nature are delicate and susceptible to harm. You both experienced this in your dream. Your protective instincts were very strong. It is God’s will for you both to experience the power of nature and nurture at this time in your lives and growth. This will assist you later when the two of you will be teaching others.And —

You are both of the same soul family and as such, it is possible for you to share experiences in the realm of spirit. This is intentional to support and confirm your experiences with one another. There is nothing like a little proof to acknowledge our efforts and guide us to more sincere attempts to [live The Life Intended].

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