“If you choose to be involved,” my spirit guide said, “so be it. If you choose to abstain, so be it. My plan is very simple,” he continued. “It is to set up a phone call between “the Mullah” and yourself. You will instruct this man to lay down arms and to change his ways because it has been willed by Almighty God. This is as simple as the plan needs to be. He will have to decide what to do as a result of this contact. He is a very religious man. It will shake him to his core to be contacted in this way.”

I was further told to instruct the Mullah “to have Osama [Bin Laden] make a [New Year’s] proclamation that Almighty God has delivered him a message of peace. That all arms are to be set down and peace is to rule the behavior in men’s hearts.”

I didn’t immediately commit to carry through with the quest, however, I did make it clear that if I was going to do it, I would have to do it from a payphone. (I certainly wasn’t about to make a call to a dangerous religious fanatic from my home phone!)

“That will be fine,” my guide responded. “You will need about fifteen dollars in change.”

The date was December 31, 2003 and although I found the whole thing rather unbelievable, I channeled an overseas phone number that began with the numbers 0118731097. (Incidentally, that was the first and only time in more than 15 years of celestial channeling that I was ever given a phone number.) Furthermore, I was told that Bin Laden was hiding somewhere in the hills of Pakistan and that I had only one hour to complete the assignment.

The first thing I did was check the world area code listings in my white pages for an area code beginning with 873. Being given a phone number was a huge surprise to me, and kind of left me feeling skeptical about the whole thing. Thus, I wasn’t completely surprised when I found no such code. But, just to be sure, I decided to call the long distance operator from my house to see if perhaps there was a new (unpublished) area code. On the phone, the operator was friendly and helpful. Of course, I didn’t tell her how I had come by the area code or I’m sure she might not have been so friendly. Anyway, after she spent a few seconds looking, she told me that the area code 8731 was in Marsat. “Marsat? Where is that?” I asked, shocked that she did actually find something. “Just a minute,” she said. “I show it as somewhere on the Indian Ocean.” I asked her to spell it for me and I soon learned she wasn’t saying “Marsat,” she was saying “Inmarsat.” I had never heard of such a country. And I was confused as to why I was being asked to call a location on the Indian Ocean. That was certainly nowhere near Pakistan.

I hung up from the operator and immediately Googled “Inmarsat.” Moments later, I was surprised to see thousands of hits that all referenced a corporation. I tried “country of Inmarsat” and still got that same corporation. Finally, after much confusion, I looked into the activities of the Inmarsat Corporation and the penny suddenly dropped. Inmarsat was an acronym for International Marine Satelite. And 8731 was one of Inmarsat’s satelite telephone exchanges. “Okay then,” I thought, “confirmation number 1.”

Feeling suddenly intrigued, at least, having had one major source of skepticism quashed for the time being, I decided to Google “the Mullah.” I had no idea who “the Mullah” was and once again, I was surprised to get hits — the first six of which referenced a man named Mullah Omar. I opened the first link and soon discovered that Mullah Omar was the leader of the Taliban and a close personal friend of Osama Bin Laden. The article described him as very religious, and mentioned how he often looked to his dreams for guidance. A little further on, the artcle mentioned how the Mullah and Bin Laden often took fishing trips together and that they stayed in touch by satelite telephone. Bingo. I decided then and there that I had all the confirmation I needed.

To make a long story short, I quickly showered, gathered up my fifteen dollars in change and headed out to the nearest payphone. Unfortunately though, the phone wouldn’t let me pay with change — my choice was to either use a calling card or a credit card. My heart sunk. I was nearing the one hour point and I had to make that call. It was my personal fear that had led me to the phone booth. My spirit guide hadn’t been the one to instruct me in that way. So I made the decision to use my credit card. I entered the phone number but the call wouldn’t go through. I then called the overseas operator, gave her the number, but still the call wouldn’t go through. The operator asked me why there was a “0” following the area code. She told me the “0” wasn’t necessary and asked me if I would like her to redial the number. I declined. I had received the number that way for a reason. I just didn’t feel right changing it.

When I arrived back home, an hour and five minutes had elapsed. I immediately sat down at my computer and channeled my spirit guide. My first question was to ask if I should retry the call without the “0” in the string of numbers.

“You can relax Mathew,” he said. “This is not to be at this time. You have tried to follow through. You were acting from your heart. That is beautiful. We all wish for peace in the world. An endeavor such as this would be useful and good.”

“I am thinking that maybe this situation is a result of my ego,” I replied. “Does it not seem egoistical to think that I could make a phone call to a “received” number and have an impact on the world stage? Now that the number has failed, it certainly seems that this was all an exercise to show me that I have a fantastically demented ego.”

“Yes and No. You have an ego, of course. Everyone does. That is not a bad thing. It is not an act of an egoist to wish peace in the world. It is the act of a believer. This is not egoistical. This is beautiful. God bless you Mathew for trying.”

“But what is the point of trying if there is no satisfactory outcome?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps the answer will become evident at a later time. For now, you have done your best. You can do no more than that.”

“Okay. But I feel very disappointed. Oh well. If it was God’s will for me to connect with the Mullah, it wouldn’t have turned out this way. It appears as though it was God’s will for me to show my willingness to do such a thing, but nothing more than that. I accept this outcome although I do wish and pray for peace in the world and an end to terrorist activities.”

“We all wish for this Mathew. You are not alone in this regard.”

Months later, when I heard about the reward money being offered for information leading to the capture of Bin Laden or any of his top lieutenants, I wondered for a moment if perhaps I should pass along the phone number I had received (without the “0”). But upon reflection, I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. My quest had been to instigate a change in the world using peaceful means, not to condone an act of violence. Besides, I knew enough to know that violence of any sort would only ever lead to more violence. Thus, I decided to keep the number for myself, and to wait for the day when perhaps I would be called upon to continue the original quest.
Several years later, on January 13, 2008, I asked my guide if he could offer any clarity with respect to the Mullah incident from a few years ago, and whether there was ever going to be a continuation of that quest. Here was his response:

“Yes Mathew. I do have some insight. That occasion was one in which you were required to learn the difference between something that is in alignment with the All of All and something that is out of alignment. You learned through that experience and it wasn’t to be – in the sense that you were never to actually connect with The Mullah – although you were given information that led you to believe that indeed that was going to happen.

As for a continuation, because a mission such as that would be classified as interference, it is unlikely to be invoked. There would be too many negative repercussions if love and light were able to interfere on such a level. For now my friend, suffice to say, we are able to counsel individuals and groups on how to live a better life, however, we are unable to take matters into our own hands, so to speak, and force change upon a group or an individual – certainly not by using another human as a means to accomplish such ends. If influence is of order, then conventional means such as dreams or “accidents” or the like are the way we are able to “influence.” That is the way it has always been and that is the way it will continue. Perhaps there will be a day in the future when this will be different, but for now, the status quo shall remain in force.”

For my continuing journey, see this post.

(For the previous story, see this link.)

The following article about “psychic questing” is from Andrew Collins’ website http://www.andrewcollins.com/:


If found in the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘psychic questing’ would be listed as ‘using intuitively inspired thoughts and information for creative purposes, be it the exploration of history, the search for hidden artifacts or simply the quest for enlightenment’. It can begin with a strange dream, a visionary experience or an overwhelming compulsion which prompts the person to embark on a sequence of discovery. This often involves uncovering confirmatory facts, visiting sites and places revealed only by intuition and communicating with perceived external forces and influences through either meditational practices or magical processes. Often this takes the form of contact with a so-called genius loci, ‘spirit of the place’, or site guardian, which provides information in order that the quest might continue on to the next level. However, psychic questing does not have to involve outside exploration. It can simply revolve around archive research or just further magical or psychic experiments which all help the quester to gain a better idea of what they need to know.

In Tibetan Buddhism psychic questing is known as the Terma (‘hidden treasure) tradition, and whole books have been written on the processes involved and past great achievements in this field. Those monks who become involved in Terma hunting are known as Tertons (‘treasure finders’). However, similar methods of discovery have been used for thousands of years by enlightened individuals all over the world. There are many recorded instances of holy men or women being inspired to find hidden relics (e.g. Joan of Arc), occultists using necromancy to find buried treasure (e.g. John Dee and Edward Kelly) and psychics being brought in to uncover archaeological remains (e.g. Frederick Bligh-Bond).

Meonia fore Marye

The modern revival in psychic questing began in October 1979 with the discovery by Andrew Collins and Graham Phillips of a short steel sword of unusual design, bearing the copper-plate inscription ‘Meonia fore Marye’ on its blade. It was found behind the dry-stone foundations of a footbridge at a place called Knight’s Pool in the English county of Worcestershire As the weapon also bore a monogram at the base of the hand-guard which resembled the personal insignia of Mary Queen of Scots, it was felt that the sword had been cast originally in the late eighteenth century by supporters of the exiled Stuart dynasty of British kings. However, the example in question was, it seemed, a copy cast in Victorian times, very possibly for use in pseudo-masonic ceremonies.

The discovery of the ‘Meonia Sword’, as it became known, was followed just days later by the retrieval of a seventeenth-century brass casket in which was found a small cabochon stone in green agate. This was located by Graham alone at a spot on the River Avon, not far from Knights Pool, known as the Swan’s Neck, so named because it resembles a gigantic swan reclining into the landscape (as seen from nearby Bredon Hill). Since Graham, Andrew and their colleagues believed that the swan was a secret code-name for Mary Queen of Scots, they became convinced that the ‘Green Stone’, or ‘Meonia Stone’, had once been in a finger ring worn by Mary Queen of Scots. After her death, they felt it had passed into the possession of Robert Catesby, the leader of the so-called Gunpowder Plotters, who with his co-conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, was caught attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 4 November 1605, hence the British tradition of Guy Fawkes’ Night. Thereafter the stone was concealed in the Worcestershire landscape by Humphrey Packington of Harvington Hall, a Catholic sympathizer, where Andrew later found that a legend concerning the existence of the stone had lingered through to the last century.

Gradually, over the years, an intriguing story emerged to explain the origins of the Meonia Sword and its accompanying stone. Through psychic work and historical research Graham and Andrew developed a mystical lineage, known as ‘the Heritage’, which began with the fall of the pharaoh Akhenaten and ended with the revival of ancient Egypt in occult circles during the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries.

Over the years many more artifacts would appear under mysterious circumstances, including six more swords, all identical to the first. The seven swords were brought together for the first time by Andrew and his friends in August 1992. It is a story told in part within Andrew’s book The Seventh Sword (1991), and in Graham’s work The Green Stone (1984). Andrew has since gone on to work with a number of what he terms ‘direct information’ psychics, and is now considered to be the pioneer in this field. Since the early 1980s he has run a group which specializes in developing psychic faculties called Earthquest. This he runs from his home town of Leigh-on-Sea.

Questing Conference

Prior to 1998 the Questing Conference was billed as the Psychic Questing Conference, since it contained lectures in which the speakers spoke of how their historical work had been inspired originally by intuition, dreams and psychic work. However, as the alternative history field became more popular it was necessary for authors such as Andrew Collins and Graham Phillips to strengthen their cases for an alternative history of the world by excluding any references to psychic work. Thus the whole air of the lectures changed, and Andrew agreed that it might be better to drop the ‘psychic’ element from the conference’s name.

Yet at the Questing Conference 2002 it was felt the right time to reintroduce certain elements of psychic questing back into the conference, which is why Andrew asked some of the country’s leading exponents of the subject to give presentations which might help people better understand this important subject.


Andrew Collins is accredited with having coined the term psychic questing in the 1980s, and has written various books on the subject including The Sword and the Stone (1982), The Black Alchemist (1988), The Seventh Sword (1992) and The Second Coming (1993). Other key books on the subject include Graham Phillips’ classics The Green Stone (1984) and The Eye of Fire (1988), Bega and The Sacred Ring by Alex Langstone (1992) and The Sun and the Moon: The Hill and the Well by Michael Smith (1997). All of these books are non-fiction, but read like supernatural thrillers.

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