Looking back on 2007, all I can say is “Thank God it’s nearly over!” What a tough year its been — and from what I’ve heard from other lightworkers — a tough year for many — especially the last quarter of the year — WOW! For many, myself included, no matter how diligent we were at maintaining a positive and loving vibration, regardless of the circumstance, nothing seemed to improve. In fact, many aspects of our lives seemed to get worse.

For me, extreme money problems plagued me the entire year, and I’m not out of the woods yet, although a temporary solution seems to be taking shape that will at least cover me to mid-2008. (I mentioned in previous posts that I own shares in a private company — well, one of my partners has offered to buy my shares — and, well, given how cash strapped I am, it seems the perfect time to sell). So, my prayers are about to be answered — and as a result, I will have enough money to continue to follow my passions into the New Year.

Did I mention how excited I am about the prospects of 2008?

I can’t explain it, other than for the past few weeks, amidst a barrage of extreme and unusual (for me) mood swings, I have been feeling a sense of growing excitement about 2008. It’s as though my Higher Self knows that all the struggle and blockage associated with 2007 is about to give way to synchronicity, flow and abundance. I swear I can feel it, it is so pronounced. And since I began to mention this to a few other lightworkers, I have heard that I am not alone with these feelings! Thank God!

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