***UPDATE*** August 29, 2011

Less than a month after I posted the enthusiastic blog entry below, I ended up meeting the channeler of Bashar, Darryl Anka, at a coffee bar as a result of an amusing series of seemingly unrelated events. Equally amusing, three months earlier, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was actually in the very same room with Darryl as he made a presentation about a film he was making (tho at that time I had no idea that Darryl was a trance-channeler, nor had I even heard of Bashar, or been exposed to any of his messages). Anyway, if you are interested in reading the amusing story of how my meeting with Darryl came to pass, click here. In the meantime, back to the original post–


This is just too good not to pass on!

Last night I came across a free trance-channeling audio recording on the web of an entity named Bashar. Not knowing anything about the current world of trance-channeling, a series of synchronicities led me to find the Bashar website where I listened to the introduction and was immediately pleased that I did. Not only was Bashar funny and entertaining, but he also scored 100% on my truth-meter — which is to say, everything he said was in harmony with what I had learned thus far thru my celestial teachers and my life experiences. Needless to say, I highly recommend having a listen! (And, if you want to listen to more, explore here for more free material.)

Also — Below is a video I found on YouTube of one of the above mentioned audio files.

Bashar: Finding Your Highest Excitement

Bear in mind the old adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover! Admittedly, the personality of Bashar is exceptionally spirited and the Irish-sounding accent oddly comes and goes, however, when you truly listen to the content of the message, whether you believe it is Darryl Anka putting on a performance, or whether you believe an ET is speaking, truly listen to the content and let your discernment be your guide as to whether the content has value for you. In other words, to quote another old adage (I seem to be fond of them this evening): Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

God Bless

2 thoughts on “My Discovery of Darryl Anka and Bashar

  1. I have found the bashar information
    very helpful. The information is giving with such insight and profound
    wisdom.Why i find,is it hard, for some, to focus on the message,and not the messenger?Such a small percentage of the population have ever heard of
    bashar…WOW!!!missing something out..thank you for your comments.MAYBE we can help profound
    change in ourselves,and the world
    will is playground.

  2. I love Bashar, he is funny witty and rings truth for me. I also follow Abraham Hicks teachings and they are similar in their message. What I get from both Bashar and Abraham is that life is suppose to be FUN, and that we create our own reality. So everyone should start having fun and not worry so much, because you can only create YOUR reality ,no one elses.
    Mary 4800.

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