As I previously mentioned (in The Coming of the End of 2007), I have been feeling a palpable sense of excitement regarding 2008, and in light of recent developments, I thought it was worth mentioning this again. First of all, it is so unlike me to feel a lasting sense of excitement about anything. Rightly or wrongly so, I perceive my most frequent emotional state as being generally neutral, and as much as I long to brighten myself up, it has been a life-long struggle — at least, to do so in any sustainable way.

So what could be the difference these last few weeks?

Although I have no way of proving this (or anything on this website, for that matter), I am convinced that a significant energy shift has taken place. And, I have received agreement on this from two members of my family, as well as from a dear friend — all of whom are feeling a similar sense of excitement.

I have also come across a few channeled messages that echo these same feelings. One example is the following message that was sent to me by a friend of a friend who knew nothing about what I was feeling, and who had never before sent me a channeled message. (Please note: When you click on the preceding link, you will be taken to a page where you can either play an audio file in real time by right-clicking, or download it by left clicking). Thus, the timing and content of the message was a true case of synchronicity.

By the way, the message — from a spirit entity known as Kryon — is a bit evangelical in tone for my taste, however, the content of the message relates to this new energy that some of us are already feeling.

Further to all of this, the last two nights I have had lucid dreams that were unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The first one involved surrendering to an incredibly powerful energy that spun me in the air. The feeling was indescribably amazing — not frightening in the least. Unfortunately, because I was in a hallway (in my dream) when the spinning began, a splinter of fear caused me to at one point worry about colliding with the walls of the hallway — and unfortunately, that fear woke me from the dream. Nonetheless, the energy of the spin was so powerful that when I awoke, an overwhelming sense of gratefulness caused me to shed a few tears.

The very next night (last night), the dream I had was a flying dream unlike any other I have ever had — and I have had many. The colors were so vivid, and my awareness that I was dreaming — so keen — again, it was indescribably amazing. Also, the dream lasted for a very long time (for a flying dream), and when it ended, I felt truly grateful for the experience — and also grateful (and excited) to find myself back in the 3D world.

Anyway, just a few more reasons to be excited!

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