About five years ago, I had an experience where I was guided by intuition to write down in as much detail as I could remember, every last painful experience I had from early childhood through to the age of 20. It took about a week to flush out every last one — every last hurtful, shameful, guilt ridden memory — but I did it. And, through that process, I discovered a lot of painful memories I had long buried. Needless to say, I shed a lot of tears that week. And yet, as every tear fell, I forgave myself and I forgave everyone else who played a role in my memory, and I moved on to the next. Well, in all my 47 years (thus far), this one process did more to change my life for the better than any one thing I have ever done.

Anyway, last night at 3:30 in the morning, I got out of bed and channeled a celestial message from a group soul called The Guardians of the Light.

Here is that message:

There is a great divide that exists between the heart and mind of humanity at this time and we wish to fill the gap — to bridge it so to speak — by welcoming humanity to reach out to spirit, to express their innermost fears and sorrows in whatever way they feel most comfortable, but to express them in a physical way, and know that they are heard. This connection, this reaching out, and this bridging the gap is the beginning of a healing; a healing of the collective heart of humanity.

It is essential for the heart of humanity to heal, and until the wounds are expressed, until the anger is expressed, until the tears are shed, there is little we can do to help in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, it is the wounds that close the heart, and a closed heart is not welcoming to assistance from those in spirit who are able to help — those who vibrate in the frequency of unconditional love.

Therefore, our message to you, and to all who read this is to find a place of peace and solitude, and reflect on your hurts and your struggles and your sorrows, and express them. This is soul work. This is the work that you must do to connect, and to allow us to help you. Express, release, and begin the healing process. It is work, yes. It is not something that will come without pain. However, please have faith and trust in love — know that it is there for each and every one of you –- and begin the process of healing the old wounds; not only the wounds of your childhoods, and the wounds of your life experience, but the wounds of history, the wounds of your ancestors, the wounds that the generations have carried forth and passed on throughout the ages.

The cycle of hidden pain must stop, and a new era of open and honest expression must be birthed. Now is the time. Now is the right time to heal and to progress and to evolve into the beautiful beings that you are. You are beings of divinity — beautiful expressions of the divine — talented, special, unlimited and eternal. Go forth my children and express your sorrows, and birth the divine beings that you truly are.

God bless and God speed,

The Guardians of the Light

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