UPDATE (August 23, 2016): After much consideration, I have decided to discontinue my channeled guidance offer. The main reason behind this decision is that I have come to realize, the best way to create an awakened world is to simply awaken oneself, and in the process of that, to hold space for others to achieve their own awakening. This is the most aligned way that I can assist at this time (tho, I am always happy to offer advice). Otherwise, I have published all manner of channeled guidance on this site from The Guardians and other celestial sources — guidance that was helpful to me on my own journey thus far, and perhaps, this same guidance will be of help to others too.


Update (May 23, 2014): For a limited time, I am offering channeling services once again on a pay as you are moved to (or able to) basis. I will provide the channeling first, and if you are satisfied, and depending upon your financial situation, I will be pleased to receive payment for services rendered. (Suggested fee, $50.00). If you are interested, please use this Contact Form to reach me, and I will get back to you. I treat all personal information as confidential, and will never share it.

If you would like to know more about the group soul that I channel, The Guardians of the Light, or if you would like to read testimonials from those who have already taken advantage of this offer, please see this link.

Please continue reading (below) if you are interested to know the story of how and why I decided to offer my channeling services. Thank you.

After dedicating the better part of the last eight years to cleansing, purifying and transmuting personal negativity (while in tandem, striving to re-align myself with the vibration of my highest, truest self), I awoke the other day to the realization that I have overlooked the obvious for several months now (if not longer).

In the process of my re-alignment, if not for the channeled guidance that I have been blessed to receive, for all my recent bouts of uncertainty as to who I am or what it is that I am supposed to be doing with my life, I have never been more consistently peaceful, strong, happy, excited, and hopeful as I am today. In fact, coming from the frustrated, angry, depressed and hopeless person I was (for nearly two decades) prior to the intervention of spirit in my life, it is hardly an exaggeration to classify my personal changes as miraculous!That said, ever since my family made the move to Los Angeles (back in July of 2007), I have found myself surrounded by people who channel. And, being focused as I was (and still am) on my personal goal of developing and producing uplifting films, I felt certain that my film making ambitions were the reason. However, after feeling stuck for the last several months, the penny suddenly dropped when it occurred to me that maybe there was another reason for all the channelers in my life. And, maybe that reason was because spirit was trying to inspire me to take my own channeling abilities to a new level.Feeling suddenly excited by this realization, I arranged to meet with Darryl Anka for lunch. Of all the channelers I had recently met or spoken with (there were seven), Darryl was the one I knew I would feel most comfortable confiding in (please read this story about synchronicity and Darryl Anka for further clarification). You see, as much as I had channeled countless messages over the years, I felt like there was something I needed to learn about channeling that was keeping me from reaching out to others. Thus, who better than Darryl to discuss this with? Anyway, after spending a few hours together, Darryl helped me to understand that I had already been guided to know everything I needed to know about channeling! The only thing that was left for me to do was to publicly state my intention and let the rest unfold as it may!***If you are following the story of my awakening, please see this link for the continuing story.******For the previous story, click here.***

11 thoughts on “Channeled Guidance Offer

  1. Hello Mathew and The Guardians of the Light.

    Just yesterday, in another internet search for spiritual/metaphysical information and guidance, I became aware of Darryl Anka and Bashar. Today, in search of more information about Darryl and Bashar, I found you… I am happy that I did. I very much appreciate your intentions for this blog and your generous, active expression of those beautiful intentions. I am grateful for you and to you for this opportunity to request the guidance you so generously offer. Thank you so much.

    There is so much information I will leave out for the sake of saving space (and sparing you the details that only have meaning to me), but what I will share is that since May this year, I’ve been communicating with an entity. Words are spoken though me, and there is a dialogue, with me asking questions, and responses coming through me, using my voice (but not in the same way that I normally speak). In so many ways this new development on my conscious path to grow, expand, and continually ‘become’ (since 1996), is exciting and encouraging, however, the communication process is slow, and so often unclear. I related to your response to ‘Laurie’ (posting of March 20. 2008) – so much of your message seemed to be directed at me, too! There are changes I desire regarding my vocation and other life aspects, but I feel ‘stuck’ as to what I should do. I keep praying and searching for guidance (this is how I found you). I was happy to find your blog and wonderful offer (hope that doesn’t place any pressure). 🙂

    Any message you may choose to offer, I will greatly appreciate. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart.


  2. Hi Peg,

    Thanks for your kind words. I would be delighted to channel a message for you — if you would be so kind — please comment again with your full name, geographical location, and email address. Rest assured, I will not publish/post or share this information.


  3. Hi Mathew. Well here I am. I found you, not sure why, but I’m grateful I did. No questions. I just want to say; Hi Buddy nice to meet you.
    Same thing I would say to Bashar upon meeting him.
    You beings are just to interesting to listen too and any questions I could have you seem to answer before I ask.
    So again nice to meet you here Mathew.
    Love Debbie

  4. Mathew; Thanks for your acknowledgment. I find it very synchronistic when I get such. You won’t leave my thoughts for some time.

    Heck of a journey were on eh. Just got to love it!

    Love Debbie

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I do indeed resonate with much of Blossom Goodchild’s material (http://www.blossomgoodchild.com). I also resonate with a South African channeler named Zingdad who posted an uncannily similar prediction about a mid-October Lightship visitation back in early August — within days of the date that Blossom first posted her October 14th information. (I think it was posted on The Book of Thoth forum — I’m not sure). That said, I can’t help but be excited about the possibility — although I would also like to state my opinion that channeled material should always be taken with a grain of salt — spirit deception and/or human error are very common!



  6. I am so grateful that I found your site. I only wish that it was sooner because I am in need of help. I recently discovered Anka and Bashar, and very happy I did. I am so lost in my life and chose drugs to relieve my pain and now I am a slave to a methadone clinic. I want to be able to synchronize my whole being to the universe, but find myself not knowing what steps to take. Everytime you, Anka and Bashar speak I feel it with every fiber of my being and I want it so very much. My problem is I don't know the steps to take for my mind and body have been poisoned with what I been ingesting. Thank you, Anka and Bashar for sharing your experiences with us. It gives us hope that there is more to life than what we are presently experiencing. Bless you all!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Abygale, Thank you so much for reaching out… I would be pleased to help in any way that I can. Please send me your email (through the comment feature). I won't post it… I'll respond by sending you a private email so we can connect. Many blessings to you. Being at a place in your life where you want to make changes and acknowledge that you need help is an act of great strength and courage!!! <3

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