Having had only three months of paid employment in the last three years, my finances have finally come to the end of the line. Credit cards are maxed, assets have long been liquidated – there is enough credit left to wiggle through May, and maybe just maybe enough to cross the threshold into June, but truly, not a penny more. Game over. Done. Finished.

So what will happen then in four, five, six weeks time?

Will my family be evicted and forced to live on the street or will some miraculous solution save us? And what is my responsibility insofar as causing a miraculous solution to manifest?

Should I begin to do something that doesn’t feel right in my heart just because I have run out of money?

In other words, does the apparent severity of my situation necessitate compromising my beliefs and values? Or do I simply continue to do just as I have been doing for the last three years – that is, everything I can do to align myself with God/Love and the perfect/purposeful Universe?

I mean, if God is truly the loving, benevolent, compassionate and perfect/purposeful Creator that I know Him to be, doesn’t it make perfect/purposeful sense that this same Creator will always provide me with a means to support myself and my family when I align myself with His will? Or have I completely lost my way on this one?

Am I being outrageously obstinate, or incredibly naïve? Am I a spiritual Pollyanna? Is it also possible that I just think that I am in alignment (and that I have achieved some semblance of understanding) when truly, somewhere along the way my understanding has taken a calamitous turn into delusion?

Clearly, I see two choices before me:

I can continue to trust in my cumulative experience and receiving, or throw in the towel and go looking for a job – any job – just something to get me through this period of financial stress.

Well, believe what you will – but I see this period in my life as a test of faith. And given all that I have experienced and received, I am unable to abandon my beliefs/values/understanding (even if temporarily) just because the material plane continues to persist in reflecting lack and challenge. Thus, I am asking for a miracle. And I have no doubt that a miracle will soon take place.

All is well.


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4 thoughts on “Miracles… Do they really happen and is it wrong to expect them?

  1. Get a job, my dear. Supporting your family IS your highest calling. Letting them become homeless is unacceptable.

    Care for them, love them, seek your truth …and do it ALL with a job that keeps them fed and housed.

    “Pray as if there is no one but God, but work as though there is no one but you.”

  2. Hi Seeker, Thanks so much for the comment. Funny, without coming right out and saying it I was trying to illustrate a point about fear when I talked about being evicted. After all, being evicted is one of the first worst things I could think of that would happen if I ran out of money. However, I don’t intend to run out of money because I know in my heart something will occur in the next few weeks that will change my status (for the better). Call it a miracle, call it coincidence or call it luck, but wait and see — something will happen — and it will happen without me going out banging on doors in search of money. And how can I be so sure? Because I know in my heart that this latest wave of financial hardship began to occur three years ago when I regularly and sincerely began to pray to be who I am — nothing more and nothing less. Not surprisingly, as a result of this prayer, all of the things in my life that were not “me” began to fall away until slowly but surely, more of “me” began to emerge. And that is where I find myself today — living in a new country, channeling messages for people, developing some new film projects — still in as much financial hardship as ever — but more truly myself than I have ever been in my entire life (since early childhood). Consequently, I am certain that things will work out just fine because I also know in my heart that as far as the hierarchy of highest callings is concerned, there can be nothing higher than being true to yourself — because to be true to yourself is to be true to God. We are all aspects/expressions of God after all. So I have been taught by spirit to put God/Self first on my list, and by doing this, all others (within my sphere of influence) will be taken care of in accordance with the highest good. As I have said many times before, I have come too far to abandon all that I have been taught. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time I have been up against a financial wall in my life, or even in the last three years. In fact, I found myself in a very similar predicament heading into Christmas last year. However, in that instance, a business partner came forward at the last minute and offered to buy me out — thus, saving the day. Anyway, here I am once again, and I have no doubt that another miracle will soon occur. Stay tuned — I’ll post about it when it materializes.


    P.S. I realize that it is not popular and possibly somewhat controversial to talk about being true to oneself before family. Certainly, making sacrifices for one’s family is a teaching that goes back generations. However, I am convinced that there is a higher road to travel than the road of sacrifice and martyrdom — that by listening to one’s heart (while sincerely and consciously following and practicing all other principals of love — i.e. tolerance, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, etc.) — the road that emerges will always be the highest road to follow — and ultimately, in the best interests of all concerned.

  3. I hope you did not think my comment too harsh. I think, personally, there is sometimes a risk of waiting for the “perfect” situation, but in reality we are sometime expected to work to make a less than perfect situation into that. That too, can be our miracle.

  4. Thank you, Seeker.

    I didn’t think your comment was too harsh at all — I liked it very much as I completely understand your perspective — I spent many years with that very persepctive and found in my case, and in my circumstances, it didn’t work out for me — I became more and more confused about who I was the longer I persisted in making choices for others before self. Since those days, with the help and guidance of spirit, I have worked very hard to release all the old baggage and attachments, to strive to love and accept myself and all others as unconditionally as I can, and to trust in a “perfect” God and an equally “perfect” world. Indeed, my experience has led me to believe that the world we experience is the world of our own making (or co-creation if you will, with God). Nothing is accidental. Nothing is random. Sure, we are sometimes faced with circumstances and challenges that are beyond our comprehension, and sometimes incredibly painful, but they too are designed with purpose and lessons to be learned.

    This is the world that I live in today — filled with financial challenge as it is — neverheless my family and I continue to get by in reasonable comfort, always have, always will — right now however, the lessons at hand seem to be about faith and patience. And I accept that. And I intend to remain calm and peaceful within, knowing that I am as consciously centered in love/God as I can possibly be. I realize this may sound strange/weird/in the clouds, but this is where I am at — and I have blogged about it to engage in conversations such as the one we are having right now, and I truly do appreciate your comments.

    Have a great day.



    P.S. I forgot to say — I agree with you. Sometimes making the choice of sacrifice IS the best choice we can make. However, with time, experience and sincerity, I have discovered other choices — ones that I never consciously knew, imagined or understood to be possible, let alone acceptable.

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