I just thought I’d provide a quick update to my last post about miracles.

It’s June now, and when I posted about my finances back on May 4th, I didn’t know what was going to happen to allow me to cover my expenses into June. Well, although nothing major happened to improve my overall financial status, I did have a few minor happenings that are worthy of mentioning.

For starters, two of my credit cards automatically extended my credit (without a request) — so I am now able to cross the threshold into July.

Also, because my wife and I patiently waited for four months for our apartment management to arrange repair of a minor plumbing problem, management not only fixed the problem, they decided to reward our patience with a substantial discount to June’s rent.

Taken together, these three things had a significantly positive effect on my finances.

Would I be so bold as to call them miracles?

Why not? I didn’t seek any of it. And, I certainly needed the help. And the help materialized.

In the meantime, two other situations have developed that might also provide me with money. I don’t wish to speak about them in any detail yet since neither of them are sure things, however, once again, both of these possibilities fell into my lap in the last two weeks without any effort on my part.

In the meantime, I hope you will come back to find out how my family and I will make it through to August. By the way, when I say “make it” I am not suggesting that we are by any stretch of the imagination scraping by. We are not foolhardy with the funds we have, but at the same time, we are not frugal either.

For instance, I just made a trip to Toronto last week to help one of my daughters move. And the week before that, my wife traveled to Toronto and then on to Ohio for a Doll Making workshop. In other words, life hasn’t come to a stop just because our finances are at an all time low. We are simply living day to day and trusting that all is well.

My story continues here.

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