Back in early June I gave a brief account of how a series of fortunate events transpired that promised to keep me afloat until early July. Well, since that time, a series of unfortunate events occurred that worked against that promise.

For starters, the two potentials I spoke of in early June both fell apart as easily as they materialized. Then, two other means of financial assistance that I had been promised and counted on, both fell apart without notice.

Consequently, four days ago, I found myself in the unenviable position of having to ask my father-in-law if he was in a position to loan me some money. Talk about humbling. Not that he did anything to make me feel uncomfortable. In fact, he was surprisingly understanding, encouraging and kind, and actually offered me double what I asked for (and he is not a wealthy man by any means).

So, in spite of my belief in myself and in my alignment with the universe, money did not fall into my lap in any of the ways that I hoped and prayed it would. So now what?

Was it wrong of me to expect a miracle? Should I revise my beliefs because I ended up in a position where I had to ask a family member for a loan? Or do I continue to follow my heart and my passions in the belief that there is no higher road that the universe wills for me to follow?

Feel free to comment, if you wish. But I will tell you this — over the course of the last several years I have had many conversations with my wife about this very thing — especially when we have been close to the financial edge (and yes, there have been several times) — and my wife has always taken the position that I should go out and get a job — any job — regardless of whether I like it or I am passionate about doing it.

In Nola’s opinion, when you need money, you do whatever you have to do to make money.

Funny thing is, I believed this too for more than twenty-five years. And I did just that — I went out and made a lot of money at the expense of my happiness, at the expense of my relationships with my wife and my children — and then the angels interceded in my life and slowly but surely, they taught me that there was a better way to go.

Consequently, for the last eight years, I have been doing my best to follow their advice, and although it has not been easy, I am still standing, my family relationships are stronger than they have ever been, I have actually completed some creative pursuits that I have never been able to complete before in my life. And perhaps even, God willing, I will soon see some money from these pursuits. In fact, the day after I arranged the family loan, a potential investor in one of my projects materialized and requested a meeting for Thursday of this coming week. So, we shall see…

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4 thoughts on “Okay, So Where’s the Miracle?

  1. HI MATHIEW!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    I read your posts about your finances.

    First: You should not ask “where is the miracle?”, because it means that in your heart (or mind) the “miracle” does not exist. One of the rules of manifestation is to thank the Universe (God, to whom it may concern) because we receive what we want. We are receiving what we want NOW (please, disconnect your ‘rational’ mind for a while.)

    You should write:

    “Thanks for the Miracle”
    “The Miracle is Happening Now!”
    “I am so happy due to the Miracle”
    “Hey Everybody: I am experiencing a Miracle!”

    Second: You should not told everybody in your blog that your finances are at the lowest point… BECAUSE… you are reinforcing that idea in your mind and heart and the people who read your blog will think that you are struggling financially, which will influence the Universe negatively.

    You should write that your finances are excellent because they allow you to do what you really want to do. Your finances allow you to do what you want with the most intimate fibers of your soul, of your heart. Thus, your finances are admirable.

    You should write:

    “Thanks to my money I do what I want to do.”
    “Thanks to the money I have I can develop the movies that I want to see on the screen.”

    Third: After reading your blog and reading your answers to my comments, I notice that your style is to take everything to the extremes. The miracle you asked for has happened, is happening. But you like the extremes… Take it easy. Stop complaining. Here, the situation is not about money. You and me, we both know that if you want to, you could go and get any job and earn some money. Here, the real situation is that you want to be TOTALLY SURE that you are loved! Loved by God! Loved by the Universe! Loved by your wife! Loved by your father-in-law! Loved by your daughters! Loved by me and the other readers! Loved by the landlord! Loved by the bankers! You do this because this is your style. When you repeat several times that you are “stubborn”… guess what happens… Yes! You become “stubborn” :-)!!!

    I could tell you personal experiences about “financial struggle” but, you want to experience all that by yourself, according to the what “struggling financially” means to you. Nobody forces you to go “to the extremes”, but yourself.

    Follow the rules of manifestation Mathew! Your next post MUST be very positive about your finances! (up to you, course.) 😀

    The miracle has happened!

  2. Hi Jorge,

    Yes, it is true — I have some sort of personal affinity for extreme circumstances, like a spiritual thrill-seeker I suppose.

    As for my writing, I have always used words to describe my experiences in the most honest way that I can. Therefore, to say my finances are excellent, when truly they are tight, this would not be honest — and thus, there would be little point in writing about them right now if I had to write about them as if the finances I desired were already manifest. On the other hand, it was never my intention to write for the purpose of complaining. And I do apologize if my writing comes across that way. My intention was to boldly stand behind my convictions that the universe works perfectly, and that by diligently following my heart, I know I am in alignment with the universe, and by extension, in alignment for the financial miracle or miracles that will assist me in continuing on my current path. Then again, it’s also very possible that the miracle won’t happen — and as a result, I will need to make a major adjustment to my path — although, this would greatly surprise me.

    That said, I treat my life (and my writing) like a science experiment. I try to report the facts and refrain from interjecting too much of my personal opinion. Nevertheless, when people offer opinions, I am grateful because it gives me a chance to express my opinions too. So I thank you and I honor you and I hope you will continue to speak your mind.

    Namaste and God Bless,


  3. Hi Mathew,

    Honestly, I adore your blog and the way you tell your experiences.

    I love analyzing topics and showing to other people how our mind works.

    Well, once when I was in class in the university (in Lima, Peru), I said to the teacher (who is a pro-communist):

    “There are two books that state that the Shining Path was created by the CIA.”

    The teacher answered, instantly and angrily, in front of my peers:

    “Shut up and stop speaking bullshit!”

    [In fact, he said in Spanish: “¡Cállate y no digas cojudeces!”]

    I almost laughed, but I closed my mouth, amazed by his reaction.

    Anyway, after finishing graduate studies, I was ranked in the position #1 among the students. [Somehow I sold them the idea of Jorge as a “good” student.]

    I DO really have two books that state that “The Shining Path” (Sendero Luminoso) was created by the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Both books were written by Peruvian communists who had links with Moscow. At least, one of them follow a political course in the former Soviet Union. I interviewed one of the authors.

    Well, my point is that the teacher assumed that I was kidding, only because I had some “odd” information, information that he perceived as strange. [By the way, I used to behave strangely; so, he might have assumed that I was strange or a madman.]

    I tell this because “a scientist” also has prejudices and assumptions.

    We are taught that when we enter to the scientific field, everything is neutral, but far from being neutral, according to the rules created by the scientist, an experiment must be designed. This means that every step and concept have to be defined in such a way that other scientist can follow the procedure and identify the results. Obviously, all this is nonsense, because all of us are different and we understand everything according to what we are.

    And also, we all define everything as we want.

    The propaganda is what forces us to believe that there are standards that are valid for more than one person.

    For example: A week has seven days.

    But it is a concept some magicians created thousands of years ago. The names of the week are related to Gods: SUN-Day, MOON-Day. (In Spanish the names are more obvious.)

    The universal time is non-existent.
    Some cultures have 28 days per month. When we say that a year has 365 days we are repeating what the propaganda states. We sometimes say that a day has two parts, the time when there is light and the time when we lack light. Well, depending on the geographic position in someplaces the light lasts six moths. So, in the poles “the year” (“our year”)has only one day.

    This is the game of definitions.

    “Science” is a the game of definitions. The propaganda that favors the scientists, state that what they say is right. Some people even believe that this is true.

    “The facts” that you describe are supported by assumptions. Assumptions that I ignore and that you consider as valid ones. We cannot “understand” each other because I do not know what your assumptions are.

    For example:
    – What is your budget for one month?
    – How much money per month would represent excellent finances?
    – What activities would prove that your finances are excellent?

    Depending on how you define your parameters the answers will be different.

    [This seems to be a perfect game for lawyers. :-)]

    It is easier to attract what you define clearly. When it happens you can recognize it, because you have a way to recognize it and because you can accept it at the emotional level.

    When you focus on tight finances, you give energy to this thought and 1) through telepathy you affect the people or beings that will bring the miracle and
    2) through psichokinesis you affect the matter and circunstances that will bring the miracle

    OK Mathew. My assumptions are different.

    Anyway, I will be very happy too, at the time when you enjoy your miracle.

  4. Hi Jorge,

    Thanks for your reply. You have a very sharp mind, and equally so, you have a very big heart. It is a pleasure to have this exchange with you! 🙂

    You sent me information about “The Law of Attraction” which I did not post in the comments section — it is too lengthly — but thank you for your thoughtfulness! I have read a little of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

    You spoke about “The Shining Path” and I must admit to no knowledge whatsoever on this — I am intrigued now and will have to do some basic research.

    I agree with you about the list of assumptions that coincide with any scientific enquiry — and of course, although I purport to represent facts, I do not define my assumptions, therefore I allow the reader to conjure their own set of assumptions — hardly scientific of me — mind you, none of the experiences I relate could ever be repeated by anyone anyway since it all has to do with subjective encounters with the unseen. Nevertheless, I understand and accept your point-of-view — and in this regard, I hope to put an end to the finance thread of my blog very soon with the happy miracle that I would like to share — besides, talking about an abundance or lack of money is hardly the most interesting thing. 🙂

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