On November 11, 2006, at 11:11 am, my friend, Shelley Yates (of Fire the Grid fame), had a naming ceremony in Bedford, Nova Scotia, where she accepted her spirit name, Samoiya, in front of a small group of about sixty or so friends and family. It was a deeply touching ceremony, full of the most heartfelt emotion; I was most grateful to be a part of it.

That said, in the spirit of the last post, the parable, SAGE WOMAN DREAMS OF GOING HOME, written by Marjorie Garner, and in honor of the approaching one year anniversary of Fire the Grid (July 17, 2008), I am posting the following piece, THE LIGHT OF GRACE, written by Samoiya Shelley Yates, and spoken at her naming ceremony. (By the way, for a recent (2008) update regarding Shelley Yates, Fire the Grid and Project Cause, please see this link.)

The Light of Grace has found me,
Found me here, far from my true home.
It dwells inside me, within me, around me,
Alive, living, breathing connected and whole,
Divinely guiding my human to the peace of ages.
Swirling, divine light connected to source,
Feeding my loneliness for home,
Reminding me that this is just a journey,
Take not the ride too serious,
For one day soon I will be home again,
And these earthly experiences will be but a memory, a thought.

The knowing, the simple knowing that I am a piece of this Divine Light is sheer elation.
To wake and feel the connection; to know I live whole and that I will never be alone again.
This tickles my senses and spreads a deep joy throughout my body.
Morning tingles lead to daylight joy,
Sincere joy, alive in this human, relishing the moment, embracing the difficulties,
So I may learn something new today,
So that I may touch another and share this blessed light,
So that many may see my stride and know,
That peace exists even for those of us who have traveled the dark road.

I have found this joy in life, this light,
The warmest sun upon my face,
Reminding me that home awaits my return from this most difficult journey called life.
The human endeavor, surly my most challenging choice,
But the loveliest sensations bid me, find peace in the moment,
In the moment lay the sensations that make the journey worthwhile.

All this too shall pass and the lesson will be a piece of me,
To pass and share, to shine light for others,
So they too may find the peace of which I speak.
Joyous lighted peace of the heavenly Divine,
Holding me close simply through choice,
Seek and ye shall find,
Ask and it shall be delivered.

Know thy own light and the truth shall you set you free,
Free to be, alive on this plane with bliss in your heart sharing the journey.
Know thy brethren for they will assist in the tale; creating together.

With lighted joy I take the real piece of me to the front,
Pulled free of the human restraints I now find me,
I bring to you the very best of me, my full potential revealed,
I am Samoiya, warrior for the Divine, seeker, knower,
Sharing the knowledge, sharing the light,
So others too may find the path,
And light the way for those that follow,
Finally, One with Light of Grace:
One earth, One mind, One Light, One race.
Beautiful in our individuality,
Most alive when we share our light with another.

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