After several unsuccessful attempts to channel guidance for myself and others, I’m sorry to say but I see no option but to suspend my free channeling offer until further notice. I honestly don’t know what happened to my connection. All I can say for sure is that my heart chakra feels closed — similar to how it felt for many years prior to the intervention I was blessed to receive from my spirit guide and my guardian angel (beginning in 1999). In the meantime, I am doing my best to accept the situation with patience and trust.

On another subject, for those of you who followed my posts about “miracles” (back in June and July), nothing significant has changed for me; I am still very much in a similar predicament as I was at the beginning of the summer.

That said, this lack of material change, coupled with several small setbacks, plus my inability to channel has caused me at times to experience intense waves of confusion, separation, and frustration — feelings I overcame for the first time in my life as soon as the aforementioned celestial intervention began in 1999. Needless to say, it has largely been the reemergence of these old feelings that has stopped me from posting for several months now.

On a more positive note, in recent weeks, I have been excited (as many of you have) about the possibility of a coming celestial visitation. I can’t say one way or the other whether a Lightship will indeed materialize on October 14th (as Blossom Goodchild has received — or before the end of 2008 as several other channelers have received). All I can tell you for sure is that the idea excites me.

That said, the unfounded excitement I felt as 2007 transitioned into 2008 (see this post) has still not proven itself in any material way — thus, either my current excitement has something to do with the legitimacy of this predicted event or it could simply be that I was already hoping for something unusually monumental to occur before the end of the year (in order to justify my unfounded anticipation/excitement at the end of 2007). Either way, one can’t deny, these sure are exciting times we live in!

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    Yes, I am still replying to comments. Just so happens, no one had anything to say about this post!



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