Exactly one year to the date after my FTG update and interview with Shelley Yates comes the following official news release from the FTG Team (released March 17, 2009):

“The messenger continued onward, driven solely by a deeper understanding that upon the scroll in his hand were words more precious to mankind than his own very life…” – Bradfield

Dearest Friends of Fire the Grid,

Since the beginning of time we have had messengers that brought messages from Divine Source to the ears of humanity. I was instructed to be that messenger for the Fire the Grid event on July 17, 2007. I followed the instructions to the letter and we as a group of humans were successful in firing our earth grid. It re-energized the field around our planet and catapulted humanity in a different direction. Together, we have accomplished a tremendous feat in our unity.

Since that momentous day, I have been quite silent, and I am now ready to share with you what I have been doing this past year and a half. Always know that I am but the messenger, and often times, much as in times of old, carrying a message takes a tole on the human body and on our own energy field.

I have been walking the long journey back to me. I have been healing and becoming strong so that I may pick up this directive where I left off. During the last 18 months I have struggled with the mind, body, spirit connection. That has proven to be well worth the effort. I am in peak physical health I have lost 90 pounds and have gained much needed confidence. I have shed layers of doubt and disbelief. I am strong in this new place of physical health and spiritual connection. My life is full and wonderful. I have wonderful friends and a supportive family. I am happy. I am most blessed.

I now bring a new message. I come to you humble and ready to proceed. I have many instructions left to share with the world, instructions to raise and maintain your personal vibratory frequency field, instructions to assist us with this great time of transition, a way to ease the way.

There will follow a series of messages for the people of earth. They come from a collective energy source whose only desire is to see us all as abundantly blessed as I. They have given me the instructions and on March 28, we will post the next series of instructions on the Fire the Grid website.

Annie and Bradfield have supported my return with unwavering faith. They have stood tall through my most difficult journey and I love and thank them both publically here because without them there would be no Fire the Grid in any capacity. So thank you both from the bottom of my soul. I love you. I would also like to mention that both Annie and Bradfield suffered from not being able to reach out to all of you in my time of absence, as from day one, Bradfield was steadfast that the Fire the Grid website was only to contain my words and the instructions which I have directly received from my Light friends. And thus, in their silence, they were honoring this same integrity, as difficult as it was. Both of them want you all to know that they treasure greatly your wonderful support of their music as well as the relationships they have built with so many of you.

I am ready, but asking those I have hurt or let down is a most humbling place to find myself. Yet that is exactly what I am doing. I am asking for your support, support of the messages of love, support of sharing the physical instructions to assist us with the lifting of our individual fields. This in essence will lift the field of the entire planet.

Why do this you ask?
The answer is to help ease this transition into a new time.

In humbly asking for your support of Fire the Grid and its spin off projects, I promise with my best and purest intention to walk always in the light and present truth the best way I can regardless of what form that may take. I am a fervid servant to Fire the Grid and all other endeavours that have been placed in my knowing.

I remember now who I am and why I have come this time. I am willing and open to be led. I surrender to the guidance and the role I play in its delivery.

I cannot say what the future will look like, nor can I become mired in the details of “how” I or any one of us will make something happen. I choose simply to show up and make myself available. I know that I will be led.

Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friends for all your past support. Whatever paths we choose to walk I will honour them. I love you all dearly and I am sorry I disappeared from your lives. It was necessary for me to retreat so I could become who I am today.

So once again, I say if my message resonates with your knowing of truth (as with the directions of the original Fire the Grid) please join us on March 28 at the updated Fire the Grid site where I will share the details about the next major energy date and what is coming next. http://www.firethegrid.com

We will be also sharing with you many of the thousands upon thousands of testimonials we received from July 17, 2007 onwards. These are precious words to me indeed as they are your words, your own accounts and experiences describing how you lived the Fire the Grid meditation.

We have a lot to do to make up for lost time, but with Divine Source so benevolently directing, all is in Divine right order.

Big hugs,
Samoiya Shelley Yates

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