Does anyone other than me feel deeply within their heart that there is never ever a reason in this world to act with violence towards another human being? Whether in self defense or not, or in retaliation for a perceived wrongdoing or not, on a very deep and profound level I know that there is NEVER EVER a circumstance where violence is acceptable. Of course, I would stand between a gun and my family to protect them from harm. But I would not attempt to use violence to overpower the person holding the gun. Even if non-action means death or enslavement (for myself or my family), I would like to think that I am capable of choosing non-violence over violence.

Unfortunately, this is hardly a popular position to take here on Planet Earth (although in modern history, Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. heroically proved the effectiveness of non-violence). In fact, non-violence very quickly renders one an outsider. And well, that being the case, this morning, I am willing to accept myself and embrace my profound faith in non-violence.

That said, speaking of faith, I have been struggling with faith over the past several years to the point that most recently (probably for the past year or so), sadly, I have been conducting my life without any faith whatsoever. Needless to say, (for those who have experienced having a very strong faith and then losing it) this has not been an easy period for me. But this morning, suddenly, my faith has been restored. So, what you may ask is so special about this morning? Well, I can’t say for sure, but I think it has to do with a combination of financial relief, the New year, and a renewed understanding that one’s faith is always challenged with commensurate hardships. In other words, since my faith for the most part was handed to me on a platter — after all, how many people can say that Jesus and the Devil materialized in a room with them? — I should expect my challenges to push me to the limit and then some — and believe me, they have.

Anyway, this morning, I am feeling hopeful and at peace with myself — something I can’t say I’ve experienced for a very long time.

Thank God and Happy New Year!


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