Several years of daily training at the hands of my spirit guide, guardian angel, and higher self were followed by a prolonged period of silence wherein all contact with spirit has came to an abrupt and unexplained stop. Shortly thereafter, in an effort to make sense of the intense feelings of loss and confusion, it occurred to me that I must surely be some sort of “sleeper cell,” just waiting for the moment when I might be called upon to put the full force of my training into action.

Now, a few years later, I can’t say I’ve experienced the feeling of being called into action — at least, not in any overtly obvious way — however, just yesterday I knew I wasn’t alone in my thinking when an online acquaintance used the term “sleeper cell” in a very similar context.

We are here and our numbers are growing — Sleeper Cells for Love — strong, determined, adherents of non-violence, who have found truth in their hearts, and are unafraid to follow it.

My story continues here.

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