***3rd UPDATE — Nov. 15, 2011: Please see 11-11-11 Update and Results: Did We Change Anything?

*** 2ND UPDATE — Nov. 11, 2011: I just did my second meditation of the day (I did 11:11am GMT and 11:11pm GMT) and felt suddenly compelled to channel a message from the angels. If you are interested, you can read that message here.

***UPDATE — NOV. 11, 2011: Happy 11-11-11 Everyone!!! The day is finally here. Now is the time to connect with our hearts, remember our joys, visualize our beautiful world the way we would like it to be, and give thanks!!! We may do this in groups or we may do this on our own. However we so choose, I know in my heart, we are making a difference.

That said, I am grateful for this day and for all of you who believe as I do that as we change ourselves, we change the world. I love you all very much. Peace and Namaste

For more about 11-11-11, please see this post regarding my understanding of 10-28-11, 11-11-11 and 12-21-12.


Original post:

With only 11 days to go until 11-11-11, I thought I would publish links to the different 11-11-11 worldwide group meditation events I know of that will be taking place (at different times) on 11-11-11. These are free events that you can join in no matter where you are located.

Here is the list so far:



  1. 11:11am-12:11pm GMT/UTC: Fire the Grid. For more on this event, also see: Fire the Grid Facebook Page as well as Fire the Grid Meetup Groups
  2. 10:00am-10:00pm GMT/UTC: Mirror of Love Gathering
  3. Midnight-1:00am GMT/UTC (Nov 12): Empower the Light Within (11-11-11/7:00pm-8:00pm Local Time in Maryland, USA)
  4. 2:30am GMT/UTC (Nov 12): One Breath One World (11-11-11/9:30pm EST)
  5. 4:11am GMT/UTC (Nov 12): MayanMajix “Soaring With Light” (11-11-11/11:11pm Local Time in Ecuador)
  6. 4:11am GMT/UTC (Nov 12): Children of the Sun “Lake Titicaca Stargate Crossing” (11-11-11/11:11pm Local Time in Peru)
  7. 5:00am-6:00am GMT/UTC (Nov 12): Transmission of Light World Meditation
    (11-11-11/9:00pm-10:00pm PST)



  1. 11:00am-11:11am Local Time, wherever you are: Breathe With Me (www.lightworkers.org)
  2. 11:11am Local Time, wherever you are (from your pool, bathtub or any body of water): Dolphin Whisperers
  3. 11:11am Local Time, wherever you are: King David Worldwide Drum Circle
  4. 11:11am Local Time, wherever you are: Global Love Meditation
  5. 11:11am-11:12am Local Time, wherever you are: One Minute for Peace
  6. 11:11am and 11:11pm Local Time, wherever you are: Wave 11:11
  7. 11:11 Local Time, wherever you are and/or 10:11am GMT/UTC: Wiser Earth Global Meditation Event
  8. 11:00am-2:00pm Local Time, wherever you are: 11:11 Awakening Code World Meditation
  9. 9:00pm Local Time, wherever you are: One Earth Practice
  10. 9:00pm Local Time, wherever you are: Live H2O (in conjunction with “Concert for the Living Water”)
  11. All day, Local Time, wherever you are: Cybershamanic Dance Wave (trance dance). For more on this event, see also: Dance Wave Meetup Page

In case you need it, here’s a World Clock site to assist you with GMT time conversions in your local area. (For instance, in my local area of Los Angeles — 11:11am GMT means 11:11am – 8hrs which = 3:11am Local Time — Wow! That’s early! Should I stay up all night or set my alarm?)

By the way, if you know of any other worldwide group events happening on 11-11-11, please let me know and I will add more links above! Thank you!

As for local events (free or paid), I recommend doing your own internet search using the name of your city and 11-11-11 as search terms as there are far too many for me to compile here!

Just to clarify, if you don’t have plans to physically attend a specific meditation in your local area on 11-11-11, I would like to suggest that any time you can set aside to meditate on your own for peace and unity on 11-11-11, including but not limited to the times specified above, this will be a great day to do so! With the widespread attention that the 11-11-11 date is attracting all across the globe, whether you believe in its properties as an energetic stargate or portal, or whether you have been influenced by the 11:11 phenomenon, or whether you see it as connected to the end of the Mayan Calendar, or whether you just see it as a day to celebrate oneness and unity consciousness, many people will be raising their energy and consciousness on this day and thus, it will be a great day to meditate!

Even if you have no prior experience with meditation, please don’t let that stop you from participating. Find a comfortable place to sit, free of distractions, and lend your loving thoughts and energy. This can be at home or in a local park, or somewhere else in nature. You don’t have to sit down either. If you prefer, go for a walk. Whatever you wish to do is fine provided you think about those things in life that bring you joy and give thanks. Even if they are the simple things in life like the laughter of children, the feeling of warm sun on your face, eating ice cream, drinking a cold beer on a hot day, watching a funny movie — whatever brings you joy (provided it does no harm to yourself or others, and is done with honesty and integrity)– remember those things and how they make you feel, and give thanks.

Also, as part of this meditation, please remember to envision the world as you would like to see it! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! And the time is Now! We are changing the world — one soul at a time!

2 thoughts on “11-11-11 Worldwide Meditation Events

  1. Happy 11/11/11:11 Matthew! I've been making plans to participate in this tomorrow on Nov. 11, 2011 and your site is helping decide what "time" to plunge inward and try to make this inner connection consciously with others! Wishing you all the best with your own journeys. Thank You
    WizardlyDanny 🙂

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