Four days ago, on November 13, 2011, I was reunited for the very first time with Elena, the woman who was my nanny from 1963 to 1965. I brought a camcorder with me in order to capture what I imagined would be an emotional reunion. (So glad I did!)

Elena was 21 years old when she traveled on her own to Canada from Greece and was soon hired by my family to look after Tawny (Anne), 9, Cori (Beth), 6, and me, David (Mathew), 3.

46 years later, having lost contact with Elena in the mid-1960’s, Elena and I spoke on the phone and then met an hour later that same day. Given how important it has been for me in recent years to heal my wounded inner child, I have no doubt that the angels orchestrated this touching reunion.

Here is the YouTube link.

Incidentally, after the video of our reunion was shot, I met Elena’s two beautiful daughters and her equally beautiful granddaughter.

My story continues here.

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