UPDATE (August 23, 2016): After much consideration, I have decided to discontinue my previous ghost rescue and release offer. The main reason behind this decision is that I have come to realize, the best way to create an awakened world is to simply awaken oneself, and in the process of that, to hold space for others to achieve their own awakening. This is the most aligned way I am able to help at this time (tho, I am always happy to offer advice). Otherwise, I have published personal stories on this site about freeing myself from fear of the dark, and astral attachments. I have also published all manner of channeled guidance from The Guardians and other celestial sources — guidance that was helpful to me, and will hopefully be of help to others too.

If you suspect that you are having problems associated with ghosts — either in your home or around you and your family — I am interested in helping and will gladly do so without any obligation on your part to pay — although, in the end, if you feel that my efforts are successful, a love donation would be very much appreciated.

Regardless of where you live, with the assistance of my guides and angels, I plan to remotely connect with the entity or entities that are causing the problems, to communicate with them, and to encourage and assist in their transition.

If you are interested in references, please read the comments that were left on this link back in 2008/2009 when I was offering free channeling services.

For details about my personal experiences with ghosts, please read this post on spirit attachment and this post on spirit rescue. (These posts are long and involved, however, you will get a very good idea of who I am and where I am coming from.)

For further information, please contact me using the comment form here. All personal information will be kept confidential.)

Incidentally, if you live in the Greater Toronto area, I am also interested in making house calls (under the same no obligation financial terms as above). In that instance, with your permission, I may wish to video record my session (though you, and/or your family need not appear on camera if you do not wish to, and, if you do not feel comfortable allowing me to video record at all, that is okay too — I will still be interested in making the house call). I will bring one person to assist — most likely, my wife.

God Bless and Namaste

***If you are following the story of my awakening, that story continues here.***

***For my previous story, click here.***

Image Credit: Brown Lady of Raynham Hall ghost photograph, Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1936

8 thoughts on “Free Ghost Rescue, Release and Removal Services

  1. I know what you mean. In fact, if you have read some of my posts, you will likely agree that the world of spirit is even more than a little strange! However, there is nothing strange about love and compassion, and in that regard, after all that I have endured on my journey thus far, I feel moved to help. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comment! (Maybe you noticed — since writing the original post, I expanded my offer to include remote assistance.)

  2. Hi DWO,

    Thanks for the inquiry. Please leave me your email address (in a comment). I won't post it, and I will send you a private message.



  3. Hi Shawnice,

    I have been traveling and just got your message. I'll be pleased to do what I can to assist. Please leave me your email in a comment here so that we can speak directly (I won't post it).



  4. Hey,
    You're blog means a lot to me. I've been through similar things.
    Nice to know i'm not alone :).

  5. Sorry about your situation, Jonathan. I will be pleased to offer assistance, however, please provide your location and your email (using the contact link). As stated within my post, I won't publish this information.

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