*****CAUTION: Some of the personal experiences discussed in this post describe unseen negative forces.

Having experienced numerous spirit interactions over the years, it has become plainly obvious to me that unseen forces have many, many ways of communicating with us. One such way is by manipulating our computers, which is something I have witnessed first hand from both positive and negative unseen forces. Off the top of my head, here are a few examples:

My most recent interaction occurred about a week or so ago as I was preparing an article for a Facebook Page called Love Movements.” “Love Movements” is the creation of Georgia Simone, a woman who recently “friended” me after seeing my YouTube video “A Vision of a Beautiful New World,” and subsequently asked if I would consider writing an article for her page.

As I was preparing my article (using Microsoft Word), the font I was using kept changing every time I added a new paragraph. When I finally highlighted the entire page and attempted to override this reoccurring format change, I noticed that the font I was attempting to override was a font that I could not recall ever using before in the past. The font was called “Georgia.” Needless to say, as soon as I saw the name, I felt that spirit was blessing my contribution to Georgia’s page.

A few weeks earlier, my video, “A Vision Of A Beautiful New World” was shut down on YouTube with a message saying that the music company that owned the rights to the 3rd party music in the video had blocked my use. I spent the next day listening to all kinds of music trying to find a suitable replacement, but I just couldn’t find anything I liked. On the third day, for reason’s unknown, the video suddenly came back up online as if nothing had ever happened. Thus, I was left to wonder: were negative forces responsible for the shutdown, and did positive forces fix the situation, or did this situation have nothing to do with spirit at all?

Back in early January, when the video had been up for about a week and had received about 5,000 views, 50 comments, and maybe about 100 “likes” (with no “dislikes”), my Facebook Group, A Beautiful New World, was attracting a steady stream of new members and the activity there was at a very high level (a level it had sustained since we formed the group). But all of a sudden, as if a switch had been thrown, everything stopped. It was uncanny. No new members showed up, no new activity occurred on the group page — all was silent — eerily silent — for about 8 hours.

During this time, other Facebook groups that I belonged to were still active, so it wasn’t that Facebook was down. Also, during this same time, 4 dislikes and two negative comments suddenly appeared on the YouTube video — the first to have shown up. And something else. Just prior to that anomalous 8 hour period, I had been engaged in a conversation in the comments section of my video with a woman who was very concerned about the January 21st meditation event that was “plugged” in a card at the end of the video. The woman’s concern was that people who were inexperienced with meditation might be taken advantage of by unseen negative forces — something she had been devastated to experience a month prior, and was now feeling great purpose and passion about warning all manner of unsuspecting people.

Having had my fair share of experiences with negative forces, rather than dismissing her, within the comment section of the video, I shared my knowledge and appreciation for her concern, and explained that precautions would be taken and shared.

Nevertheless, the morning after that strange 8 hour silence period on the Facebook Group, when I returned to my YouTube channel to look for new comments, I noticed that the comments section of “A Vision of A Beautiful New World” had been hacked. Specifically, my very last response to the woman who was concerned about the influence of dark beings had been altered to say something like, “Oh Becky, don’t be such a buzzkill!” before it went on to include the rest of my original response.

Needless to say, as soon as I saw this, I freaked out as I wondered how many other responses had been altered in a similarly callous manner.

Had the hacker gone through all of my comments and altered them?

Since there were too many comments to read them all straight away, I immediately changed my password, which was a huge ordeal by the way since YouTube, Gmail and Google were all connected. But it had to be done.

I made the necessary changes, and then went about reading every last comment and response.
Strangely, not one other comment had been altered. Not one.

I found this chilling because whoever or whatever had altered that one message, clearly had access to my site for several hours.

Why they had only edited that one very specific message dealing with the subject of defending oneself against dark beings… that was definitely a cause for pause.

Incidentally, prior to that one incident, my YouTube page, or any page of mine (Facebook, Gmail, etc.) had never been hacked.

In another example, about a month before the hacking incident, one of the members of my Facebook group posted a message that revealed he was terribly depressed. Although he didn’t reveal his circumstances, several people responded with love and kindness. The member, however, didn’t respond back. Since I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to add, I simply “liked” a few of the responses other people had given and left it at that. That night, however, I dreamed about this particular member, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt compelled to send the following message:

“I woke up this morning having been thinking about you in the night. I felt like I had a message to give you from spirit, and I came to my computer to share it with you… it had to do with reminding you that you are an eternal spirit being here on earth for a physical experience, and that right now, all of us are going through an intense time of purification… of letting go of our past hurts and conditioning, to ultimately clear ourselves of energetic blockages and impediments that prevent us from stepping into our true power and being-ness.

“We are all powerful, creative, eternal, special, unique beings with a high purpose and mission (every last one of us)… a mission that once found, brings us incredible joy and fulfillment… that’s why our souls know to allow the purification we are all going through to take place… yes, it is probably the hardest task any of us will ever take on… so the trick is to remember that we are loved more than we know and could ever realize. Not only are there human angels in our lives, more so now than ever before, but we have a team of guides and angels working with us behind the scene… and these guides and angels are there to be heavily leaned upon.

“Furthermore, when human angels aren’t able to give us the support we feel we need, we need to remember to ask our guides and angels to help us forgive and release, and we need to know, absolutely, that help from our guides and angels is there for us… You are loved. You are not alone. And you are so very very special. That is what my heart is telling me to share with you.”

As soon as I sent the above message, I noticed I had several unread email messages. The first one I opened was a Facebook friend request that was accompanied by a very touching message. I accepted the friendship, and then visited that person’s wall to leave a thank you.

Upon arrival at that person’s wall, I immediately saw that their most recent post (from the previous night) was a video by a man I recognized from a group I used to frequent many years ago. I had always liked this man’s writing, thus, I was intrigued to see his video. And, as it turned out, the video was about a devastating break-up he had just gone through (his wife left him 24 hours earlier).

Well, the video was all about processing and dealing with his loss. And although his wounds were obviously fresh and raw, his thought process was incredibly clear and inspiring. That said, the interesting thing was, all the while I watched his video, I had a very clear and pronounced sense that I had been led to this video in order to share it with the depressed man from my group. Of course, like I already said, I had no idea why this man from my group was depressed — in fact, I didn’t know anything about him other than his name. Nevertheless, I trusted my intuition and sent him the video. And, long story short — the message in the video turned out to be exactly what he needed to hear as his own wife had completely devastated him days earlier when she had taken the kids and left!

A few more examples:

Six years ago, when I first went online with The Life Intended blog, my very first post was titled “Messages From the Angels.” At the time, I had been channeling spirit for several years, and felt finally compelled to “come out of the closet” so-to-speak online with respect to my relationship with spirit guides and angels.

The next morning, I received my very first comment. However, I erased it as soon as I read it because it spooked the hell out of me. Basically, it was a most foul character attack on Jesus, the likes of which I had never seen. Interestingly, Jesus had materialized in a room with me in 1984, and had forever altered my understanding of life. However, in that first blog post (Messages from the Angels), I hadn’t mentioned anything about the influence that Jesus had had on my life. Thus, upon reading that repulsive comment, I immediately knew that it was a shot fired across the bow; the unseen negative/dark force was letting me know it was paying attention to what I was putting up online.

To give another example, four years ago, in 2008, I researched and wrote a screenplay about Shelley Yates, the woman who founded Fire the Grid.

I had been laboring on the screenplay for more than a year, and had just spent several hours working on the ending when the screen on my computer suddenly went black. A moment later, when the screenwriting program came back up again, it returned to a point about ten pages back in the script, and unfortunately, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t recover the last ten pages I had just spent the last few hours laboring over.

Needless to say, I went a little crazy. Writing has never been the easiest thing for me, and well, ten pages of lost material was a devastating blow.

A half hour later, when I finally calmed down and accepted the fact that the material was hopelessly lost, I noticed that the point at which the screenplay now ended was precisely at a point where I originally felt the screenplay should end. Quite literally, when I had interviewed Shelley a year earlier and she had recounted a particular conversation she had had with her son (two weeks after he was in a coma at the age of 4), when she told me that he had said, “The good angels and the bad angels are having a war for this world mommy. But don’t worry, the good angels are gonna win,” I responded in the interview by saying, “Roll credits.” In other words, my gut reaction was that this was precisely the point at which the movie should end. However, a year later, when I was finally writing the screenplay, I continued writing after I came to that point in the story… for another ten pages of script. And then my computer went black. And when it came back up it truncated my script by ten pages so that it ended precisely at Shelley’s son’s line… “The good angels and the bad angels are having a war for this world mommy. But don’t worry, the good angels are gonna win.”

Thus, I got the message loud and clear: The screenplay is supposed to end right there!

Two years before that, in 2006, I was up in the middle of the night, writing on my computer in the basement office of my house when the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stood on end. A moment later, on the screen of my computer, a string of nonsensical letters began to type right before my eyes, stopped, and a moment later, the page scrolled down to the bottom, and continued scrolling through about seven more blank pages before it stopped.

My first reaction was to highlight all the blank pages and the strange text and hit delete. However, as soon as I did this, the same thing happened all over again… a long string of wordless letters followed by seven pages of scrolling.

Once again, I highlighted it all and hit delete. However, when the same thing happened a third time, I was so totally spooked, I immediately turned off my computer and left the basement.

Truly, this was unlike any computer virus I had ever encountered. Thus, if my computer had been remotely hijacked by someone or something, and I believed at the time that it was “something,” not someone, I was more than a little worried that if I persisted, the nonsensical letters might soon become real words! And I wasn’t interested in sticking around to witness such a thing.

By the way, the next day when I returned to my computer (in the daylight), it was completely fine. And this kind of incident never happened again.

One last example.

On a few occasions, back in the days when I was regularly channeling messages, sections of channeled material would suddenly go bold and then just as suddenly revert back to normal. This also happened on a few occasions with italics. Now, I realize that there are shortcut keys on the keypad to make these things happen, however, I never learned how to use them, nor did I have any clue at the time these incidents occurred.

Also, the passages that were altered to bold or italics always had extreme relevance. For instance, the one and only time I ever channeled my deceased father, his entire message came through in bold, and then immediately reverted back to normal when the message was finished. And by the way, after channeling for several years, that incident with my father was the very first time I experienced a message coming through in bold typeface.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below.

Peace. Love. Namaste.

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  1. On my computer screen, I just noticed the time I posted the above blog entry — 11:11. This is another common way that positive forces validate my actions through the computer. In fact, it has happened too many times to recall. That said, how appropriate to remind me of this just now, given the subject matter of this post! 🙂

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