*****CAUTION: This post deals with dark subjects.*****

On two occasions in my life I distinctly and unequivocally heard the voice of a spirit being in my head, and engaged in a conversation with that voice for more than an hour. In both instances, I could hear the voice as loud and as clear as any “real” conversation I have ever had, however, in both cases other people were present in the room with me, and yet, I was the only one who could hear “the voice.”

Also, on both occasions, I was also able to communicate telepathically with the respective spirit being, which was something that was at once completely normal and natural — like I had been doing it my entire life.

For the record, by the time the second experience happened, I had already discovered an ability I had to channel my guides and angels, and had been doing so in earnest for more than two years.

For purposes of clarification, channeling — at least my experience with it — does not involve hearing in the same way that I am discussing in this post. Channeling involves receiving in the form of thoughts, which are written down immediately without censorship. This is much different than hearing someone speak, of course.

Furthermore, in so far as hearing someone speak is concerned, one other strange thing began to happen shortly after the second experience (of hearing voices in my head) that I would like to mention. Namely, when I was engaged in conversation with family, friends or coworkers, completely out of context, an inappropriate thought would often enter my mind, which shocked me, and always shifted my attention away from the conversation at hand.

For many months, that same repetitive thought continued to interrupt and shock me with growing frequency to the point that I freaked out whenever it happened. But, after months of feeling like my mind was out of control I finally began to think of the interruption as a form of “spam.” After that simple adjustment, I learned to greet the interruptions with amusement and kindness and blessed them whenever they occurred. Interestingly, the more I did this (as opposed to freaking out and worrying that I was losing my mind), the more they began to occur less and less until after almost a year, they finally stopped altogether.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is to say, in thinking back about the strange mental episodes I have experienced (the voices in my head, and the spam), I couldn’t help but wonder how many people have spent years in therapy, and years on prescription drugs and more, when truly, they might not be delusional at all but simply sensitive to communication from nonphysical realms.

For that matter, can anyone be said to be truly delusional, or is the severity of someone’s affliction merely symptomatic of their sensitivity to influence from the nonphysical realms, their lack of understanding with respect to that sensitivity (and the higher purpose of their life), together with a lack of understanding with respect to the behavior and motives of spirit beings.

In my case, because my experiences were isolated, and generally speaking, few and far between, I never believed I needed psychiatric treatment.  As a result, I was able to learn quite a lot about myself and the nonphysical realms through the experiences I had.

For example, I learned that I am an eternal being, and that physical death is not the end but merely a transition.

I also learned that discarnate beings not only exist, they interact with people in a myriad of ways (both overtly and surreptitiously).

Furthermore, I learned, just like exists within the incarnate human population, the non-physical realms are populated by beings who are divinely aligned and oriented towards service to others, as well as those who are misaligned and oriented to self-service.

Had I ended up medicated and labeled as sick or crazy, I find it hard to imagine that I would have acquired this knowledge, or learned how to avoid harm, and assist others to do the same.

That said, I find it interesting that in the two instances where I heard voices in my head, the beings that interacted with me were both “service to self” oriented (although I didn’t immediately recognize them as such when the experiences originally occurred).

For what it’s worth, I have yet to encounter a “service to others” oriented being who was able to communicate with me by speaking with a voice in my head (tho, I would very much welcome the opportunity).

In any event, for those who are interested, the story of my first interaction is posted here (it happened in 1983 when I was 22).

The story of my second experience (which happened 21 years later, in 2004) is posted here.

Be warned. Both experiences are a little scary, and a lot strange.

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