Dear One,

We are all one. We realize this is not something new for you to hear, but in the context of your current situation, we feel it is very much relevant for you to hear and to understand. Whether we are speaking about your children, your parents, anyone who has gone before, or anyone who will go after, we are all of us connected at a deep essential level. Said another way, what one does to another, one does to all. Does that make sense? We shall endeavor to explain further.

When one hurts another, no matter how slight or how egregious, that hurt is to the all; all suffer from that slight or that crime.

Similarly, when one feels alone in the world, one has made a decision to cut oneself off from the truth; the truth that there is no such thing as alone. Alone is an illusion of the mind. We are all one. All of us. Those we deem undeserving, and those we deem saintly. Those we deem otherworldly, and those we deem terrestrial. Those we deem angelic, and those we deem satanic. Together, all of us are traversing time and space on an eternal journey to oneness… to explore oneness… to explore all the facets of life and love… without exception.

But how does that relate to the journey of souls on planet earth?

We acknowledge that life on planet earth is filled with sadness, injury, peril and grief. And of course, the corollary… joy, happiness, bliss, exaltation …these things too… though certainly, the hardship makes it unique in many ways.

You see, to suffer is a unique experience that only few localities offer. So, why then, you ask? Why suffer?

Blessed child, to suffer is to attain a height of love that cannot be reached through any other means. To suffer is to plumb the deepest depths of pain, separation, and isolation… for the purpose of resolving one’s feelings through transcendence, to attain an understanding of forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion that was previously unimaginable, and to never have to return to such depths again to attain that understanding of love.

Do you see?

It is not a karmic debt, or a punishment, or an evil deed, though it appears to be all such things on the surface. It is truly a great sacrifice, and a great undertaking to learn the most sublime aspects of love.

So, yes, a great sacrifice is made by each and everyone of you who come to this plane and suffer great indignities. Some of you walk the earth plane with your suffering inside and are unable to transmute that suffering into understanding over the course of a single lifetime. Many of you internalize your suffering and transfer it to your brothers and sisters, and to your children. Others transmute their suffering and are able to then pass on exalted truths about the transformative nature of love.

Simply look at your spiritual heroes and know that all of them bar none transmuted their pain into love. All of them. For it is not possible to convey the truth of love without having first experienced great suffering, and then transmuting that suffering into understanding.

And so it is with that in mind, we wish to convey our deepest feelings of love to you, and to encourage you to release yourself from feelings of aloneness, and to do all that you must do to release those who caused you pain in this lifetime and others… to release for the sake of your own progress, your own understanding, your own freedom, your own joy, and your own right to excel and thrive… not only so that you may enjoy your life to the fullest, but in order to radically love all those who come into contact with you and raise them up as well.

Dear One, we know you, we see you, and we feel all that you feel. And we have great faith in your ability to transmute your pain and suffering in the here and now. There is no need to carry this pain and suffering into another lifetime. You are an old soul with wisdom beyond your imaginings. And as such, it is only a decision away to feel and experience this for yourself. It is only a decision away to move on with your life, free from any constraints that your past has until now imposed upon you.

Dear One, we love you deeply no matter what you do, no matter what you suffer, no matter what your thoughts… we love you always, eternally, and forever.


The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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