Dear One,

We wish that you would allow yourself to feel well. For, truly, the only thing that is standing in the way of your joy and happiness is yourself. Yes, we recognize that so much in this world is wrong right now… so many areas that need fixing and attention and love. But, does that mean we should all feel down, morose, and give up? Has it been this way for so long that there is no hope that it will ever change? Are there no signs of progress anywhere in the world? We would say to these questions, indeed, there are many signs of progress. Everywhere one looks, in all fields of inquiry, there are signs, and there is dissent among people who see the corruption and wish it to end. There are efforts all over the world to improve the lives of people… everywhere!

As an example,  Mathew watched a video the other day that listed all the non-profits, NGO’s and other humanitarian groups working for the benefit of the planet in the credits. Interestingly, if those credits had been played at normal speed, it would have taken three solid days to get through them all. So, yes, change is happening and there is much to be excited about. In the meantime, if you desire to read up on the things that are not going well, do so as much as you can handle, but when it gets to the point of overwhelm, stop, return to center, and reflect on the truth that changes are happening. Let go of the desire to see everything fixed all at once, and accept that change will unfold at the pace that it does. And trust in the forces of love to enact the changes you desire. It IS happening. And it WILL unfold for the betterment of everyone, regardless of the opposition that currently exists. Change is inevitable. And Love is the guiding force and fabric behind the entirety of creation. Thus, everything always moves towards love, whether our perception is clear about this or not. It is a constant. Love permeates all of creation, therefore, everything always moves towards love. And in the case of your world today… this is evident more so now than ever… love is correcting the listing ship.Dear One, we  understand your impatience, your doubts, your fears, and your worries. But rest assured, all is exactly as it should be. Do your best to focus on all that is right, and cut yourself some slack. You deserve to be happy, even though so many are suffering. Of course, everyone deserves to be happy, and to that end, the more people allow themselves to be happy and lead the way, the more that those who are suffering will be pulled along in the same direction.

Bless you child,

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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