Dear One,

We wish to impress upon you how simple it is to connect with divine essence. It is not an act of great will, but an act of trust, belief, and surrender that allows you to connect to that very deep place within where divine love resides, beneath personality, beneath ego, beneath consciousness.

So many people in your world are starving for love, and feel hopeless and abandoned when truth be told, beneath their hard veneer, beneath their personalities, beneath their negative thoughts and emotions, there is a wealth of love, a wealth of wisdom, and an unfathomable deep connection to All That Is. Simply sit in silence, breathe, and connect. That is all there is to it — though, of course, varying degrees of practice and patience will be required depending upon one’s ability to sit in silence and let go of the day to day noise and busyness. Nevertheless, you all have access to that place where love flows like water, effortlessly cascading over the surfaces of your soul, enveloping you, comforting you, soothing you, and restoring your true nature.Bless you child,

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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