Dear One,

We wish to inform you, in spite of circumstances that sometimes lead you to believe otherwise, you have never been forgotten, you have never been abandoned, we love you eternally, and all is well. Please remember this. Also, no matter what life delivers, please remember to love yourself, as we do, without wavering. And remember to trust in divine providence. If something isn’t happening in spite of your best intent and efforts to align and co-create with divinity, then simply put, the timing is not yet right. Nothing else. You have not done something wrong. You are not experiencing “bad luck” or the influence of dark forces. You are simply unaware of the bigger picture. Other than that, you are always loved and always deserving of love, no matter what. Always.

Be well, Dear One. Keep the faith and hope alive. And continue to follow your heart and your passions whenever and wherever you can.

We are with you all the time, without pause.


The Angels

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