Dear One,

Something we feel is prevalent right now in many circles around the world is the idea of non-conformity and rebellion. Many are aware of the oppression and control that the state exerts over its citizenry. Many are conscious of the restrictions imposed by the wealthy class over those who do not have the same access to resources, and the same access to government representatives — to those who make the laws, and rules, and who administer those rules. So, the playing field is grossly unfair. And the question on many a person’s mind these days is,

“How do we best change these unfair, unrepresentative systems? Do we take to the streets? Do we sign petitions? Do we form groups and use our power to boycott and strike? What do we do?” To this we say, all of these actions are beneficial, and helpful. All of these actions, when based upon principles of non-violence, are practices that induce and create change. However, there is one action that stands above all the rest as the most effective, and that is the practice of self-reflection. Because truly, the faster any one person changes their own self, and raises their own vibration, the faster that changes will take place in the world.

Similarly, as more and more people raise their vibrations, and in turn, seek to practice the core tenets of non-violence — forgiveness, acceptance and compassion — the world will begin to change with exponential speed.


The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

(The Self-Reflection Manifesto: Image by Dana Claudat/ Questions by Celestine Chua)

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