Dear One,

We are here with you throughout time and no-time. We are always present, whether you are aware of us or not. Love does not leave you. Even in your darkest moments, love persists and never ceases to exist, never ceases to uphold and support and encourage, and express compassion and acceptance. Love is always here for you.

Bless you, Dear One. It has been a difficult and often lonely journey that has taken you to this point. But you are doing it. You set your course, and at all costs, you committed to making this journey. And for that, we are so very proud of you. Love is the way and the answer. You know this. And as others believe this as firmly as you do, the world changes, and becomes a much friendlier, easier, and more beautiful place to be. Alas, it is not there yet. But we know that you see evidence that people all across the world are feeling the same feelings, and reaching the same conclusions. Yes, it is slow going. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, one does not make this journey in search of riches — at least, not in the way that the explorers of old looked for gold. You are looking for internal gold — for peace and understanding. And the world is changing. And we are so very grateful for your efforts and your dedication.We sense a question…

Dear One, if we were to reward all those who embarked upon the journey to peace and understanding — the journey of the heart — with riches, would this benefit the world? Would we see more people making this journey? And would their motivations be pure? Would they be doing it to make the world a better place — a more loving, compassionate, giving, accepting, world? Or would they be doing it for the gold? Do you see? We would love you all to live in abundance. And we look forward to the day that you all do. But the road to love is a separate journey. To find abundance and riches, you need to find and mine your talents with the same zeal, dedication and confidence that you have embarked on the journey to love, peace and understanding — with that same trust, and enthusiasm — and you will achieve all that you long for. You have found love. Now, keep that love fully exposed, and fully engaged, and dive deeply again in search of the essence of who you are, the core of your being. Be who you are. Step into yourself and express the fullness of your being.  And through that expression — the embodiment of love as only you can express, the unique soul that you are — there you will find the answers, and the responses, and the reciprocation from the world that has thus far been lacking in your experience. Do you see? This is the beauty of the journey that you have taken. The gold that you have found, though it can’t be seen on the surface, it can be expressed through your very being and essence. And those with an open heart, and a soul that longs to reach similar shores, will resonate with your expression, and will feel comforted by it, and inspired by it. Do you see now? Yes, the journey has been difficult, and may still be filled with more difficulty. But you have found something, and you are now able to express that something that you have found.

Bless you, Dear One. No matter what you experience, no matter where your thoughts may drift, the warm embrace of love is yours.

Divine Love (through Mathew Hart)

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