Dear Ones,

As bad as you sometimes feel about yourself and the choices you have made, our love for you does not diminish, and our pride in you does not diminish, and our confidence in you does not diminish. We think the world of you, always, without change, without wavering.

Dear Ones, we see you, and we hear you, and we know you for who you are. We know your spirit. We know you. We see through the ego self. We see through the hurt, and the wounds, and the conditioning, to the true and beautiful soul that you are. And you are, truly, a beautiful soul. All souls on earth, every last one, we see you, we hear you, and we know you. No matter what, we see your true beauty, and your true magnificence. We know who you are, and what you are capable of. And those things that you are capable of, whether you accomplish them or not, you are brilliant and brave and cherished in our eyes. Every last one of you. So, feel your pain, and your worry, and your anguish, but know, please know, these are not truthful reflections of the real you. These are thoughts and feelings born from a plane of illusion and separation.

These are temporary ideas that feel real, but they are so untrue, and pale in comparison to the greatness and grandness that you truly are. So, as you feel them, let them pass through you without attachment. And remember, you are not your feelings. And, your feelings are not you. They are simply an expression of an idea and a thought, and nothing more. So bless them, and thank them, and let them go.

Yes, Dear Ones, you are so much more than you know. And  if you could only see yourselves, and experience yourselves like we experience you, you would be amazed. In fact, your breath would be taken away by your own brilliance and magnificence. That’s how incredible, talented, unique, and wonderful you  are.

Blessings to you,

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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