Dear Ones,

It is not always an easy road to move from a place of misalignment into alignment. There are many threads, many ropes, and many chains that need to be unraveled. Yes, it is a tangle of attachments, confusions, misaligned intentions, motivations, and beliefs that creates the degree of impediment and blockage that must be undone, one choice, one decision at a time. This takes time, and patience, and conviction, and stamina, and a lot of trust. And it doesn’t happen overnight, though, when you look at others who have achieved something, it often appears that their achievement sprang up out of nowhere, seemingly overnight. But this is never the case. There is always disentanglement that occurs before manifestation occurs, whether that disentanglement happens in a conscious or unconscious manner, it does occur, and in doing so, it paves the way for all that follows.

So, yes, Dear Ones, it is a journey, and it is not an easy one. But rest assured, every decision you make that aligns with love, that moves you into closer alignment with your true self, your true purpose, and your authenticity, as challenging as these decisions sometimes are, and as tricky as the circumstances sometimes are to navigate, disentanglement and realignment occurs slowly and steadily, and as it does, you move that much closer to your dreams, and to a life of greater peace, fulfillment and understanding.

Bless you,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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