Dear Ones,

We love you so very much and feel tremendous excitement about the wonderful work that you are doing, and that you will continue to do in the years ahead. Very excited, indeed. We have waited so very long for this time to arrive, and alas, it is finally here. So many of you are awakening, and are courageously making the changes that you are being led to make. In many cases, your hearts are coming alive, truly alive, for the first time in your life, while the connection to Source has never been stronger, never been more pure and aligned. We are in uncharted waters, and the prospects are unlimited, and so very exciting. Do you see? This is why some of you are up in the middle of the night. The excitement is tangible and palpable. The promise of change on a mass scale is something that all of us have always known of deep in our hearts and in our truth, but it has seemed so very far away. And yet, here we are now, and it’s actually occurring. The time has come. We are in the days of the great change. And we can hardly wait to see all that you will be bringing forth into being.

After so many years of oppression and darkness, the potential to spring back, like a coiled spring that is under pressure and finally released, the potential is monumental. So, you see, there is good reason for all of us to feel excited. The spring has finally sprung, and is expanding in all directions at once in a tidal wave of love, a tsunami of love, a hurricane, typhoon, a tornado of love. It is unstoppable, unlimited, and beyond your wildest imaginings. This is what is happening, Dear Ones. You know this in your souls. Now, embrace it with your hearts, and allow yourselves to believe it with your minds. You don’t have to look far to see evidence if you wish to see evidence. But you don’t need to see it. You already know it because you are it. You are the living truth of what is unfolding now on a grand scale. The lost children are coming home. Better yet, the lost children are creating a home, and that home is going to be magnificent, beyond comprehension, beyond the description of words. It is the manifestation of divine love in form, which as you can imagine, is infinite in scope, infinitely delightful, infinitely amazing, infinitely surprising, enchanting, joyful and intoxicating.Just imagine, you have created everything you see around you today while predominantly in a state of misalignment and fear. And yet, there is still so much beauty and wonder within the creations that you have birthed. Now, how much more incredible and wondrous will your creations be as you do so in alignment with love, and the energy of unity and oneness, when the sole purpose of your creations is to uplift and assist, and bring ease and abundance into the lives of all inhabitants of this beautiful earth. When sustainability and the well-being of the planet are on equal terms with the health and well-being of all beings, all inhabitants, and profit is not the sole driving force behind the creation and distribution of goods and services, just imagine how different, incredible, and inspiring your world will be.You are truly the crown jewel of the cosmos, and yet, in your unconsciousness, you had no idea. You had no idea about your potential, and the potential of your world to be a beacon of hope, and a destination of destinations. You had no idea of the breadth and scope and magnitude of life throughout the Universe, and the eyes that were upon you. You suspected that you were not alone. But you had no appreciation for the vast complexity of this truth. But those days are coming to a close. As you align more and more, and as you eradicate your warring, fearful, lack-induced propensities, you will know the truth. For you are on the verge of being welcomed into the fold of the greater reality and the greater family. And what a glorious era of possibility and cooperation that will be.

In the meantime, keep doing and being as you are doing and being. Make it your focus and intention to continue to bring more and more divine love into form, to allow it to infuse you, and guide you, and trust where it is leading you. Continue to allow yourselves to flow, and to do so without fear, and with complete confidence in the sanctity and the perfection of who and what you are, and you will continue to see the life and world of your dreams emerge before your very eyes. Yes, Dear Ones, like waking from a bad dream, and discovering that the world you really live in is far more beautiful and enchanting and wondrous, more so than you ever knew or imagined.

Blessed children, you are coming home, and we are overjoyed to welcome you.

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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5 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. I don't know the right words Mathew..because what you and the Guardians are explaining..completely envelopes my whole being and I know it is truth. I truly am speechless and feel a deep sense of gratitude to both you and them…I know precisely what is being described is my truth also..Bless you and thank you my beloved friend…much validation for me in this <3 ..Wendy and Cookie xox

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