Dear Ones,

As more and more of you wake up and take responsibility for the state of the world, and for being the very best versions of yourself that you can be, immense changes happen all across the world. The energy of hopefulness excites others who were previously asleep, or dormant, to awaken to the truth of what is happening. And before long, you have unstoppable momentum as a massive groundswell of people are all vibrating and emanating a very high frequency. And change sweeps the land like a steamroller of love.

Well, in spite of appearances, this is where you are at right now — the steamroller of love is well on its way across the globe. But instead of crushing everything in its path, it is awakening love, and transmuting fear, and the world is changing. Yes, Dear Ones, it may sound Polyannish and overly simplified, but this is what we see unfolding as we speak. The world is changing, people are awakening, momentum is  building — more and more each day.

Bless you all. We love you dearly.

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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