Funny, the only time I ever hear the word “holy” these days is when it’s used in an exclamation like “Holy cow!” or “Holy sh*t!” But a little more than a week ago I watched a funny, inspirational Hay House video from Iyanla Vanzant called “Holiness to the Rescue.” Then, about a week later, The Guardians passed on this short message about holiness:

Dear Ones,

We wish to speak about holiness for a moment because we feel that there is much confusion about what it means to be holy. Holy, from our standpoint, is simply the act of holding an awareness at all times of divinity — of the divinity of all life, all beings, and all creation. Said another way, it is an awareness, really, of the sanctity and the miracle of life. And also a reverence for the same. So, you see, it is an outlook and an attitude, not a behavior.

You see, in our view, everything is holy as everything has purpose, and everything has divinity at its core. In the case of humanity, yes, some have lost touch with their divinity, and some are more aware of their divinity than others. Nevertheless, everything is holy, everything is divine, and therefore, to be a holy human being, one simply lives their life with this understanding and this outlook, and this attitude. That is holiness.

Bless you, Dear Ones. We hope this explanation has been helpful to you. We love you all dearly,

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

By the way, “Holiness to the Rescue” isn’t available for free viewing on YouTube, otherwise I would have provided a link. But here’s an encouraging one minute video I found by Iyanla that touches upon the same subject (and I think it nicely illustrates and punctuates The Guardians point of view).

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