I woke up feeling sad this morning, but wasn’t sure what I had to be sad about. Sure, I have challenges in my life right now. But who doesn’t? And what was so particularly challenging about today as opposed to any other day? I didn’t know, and yet, the feelings of sadness were sure making themselves known.

A few hours later, during my morning meditation, rather than observing my usual routine of sitting quietly, I found myself compelled to do something else. Namely, I stood up and did a lot of random clapping, chanting, and jumping. A half hour later, I felt better — the sadness was gone — and I suddenly felt a gentle urge to channel a message. Here is what came thru:

Never be afraid to be who you are. Never be afraid.

Never be afraid to follow your heart, to do those things that you feel moved to do regardless of how they may appear to others, regardless of how they may appear to yourself. If they feel good, if they do no harm, if they respect all life, follow it, trust it, go with it, be it!

Allow life to lead you along the path that feels good, along the path that excites you, along the path that ignites your passion, whatever  that path may be.

Yes, even if it feels crazy — even if  your ego judges it as crazy, if it judges it as unconventional, as impossible, as foolish, as irrational — it doesn’t matter. If it feels right, follow it, allow it, merge with it, step into it, be it!

Be who you are at all cost. If you are motivated to jump for joy, then jump for joy!

[I jump up and down]

I’m jumping for joy. Haha! Right now, I’m jumping for joy! 🙂

[I jump several more times, then stop to continue the channeling.]

I feel all these forces that want to stop me from doing that [jumping for joy], telling me the world is a terrible place, that there’s so much wrong in the world — so much suffering, so much deception — that I shouldn’t be joyful and shouldn’t jump for joy. No. I should walk around feeling terrible, and refuse to see all the good in the world — all the people waking up, all the people moving into alignment with the divine, being compassionate for their fellow man, doing things out of service for others. It’s not right that I should see all that, and be excited by that, and be joyful about that, and feel hopeful about that. I should feel terrible. I should feel sad until every last person is raised up and happy, until every last person is finally joyful, then I can be joyful too. But until then, I should suffer like a martyr…

No, no, no. Why can’t I be the first person to be joyful? Why do I have to be the last?

Be the first. 

Feel something? Feel excited by something? Feel even just a glimmer of excitement to be alive, to be here in the flesh experiencing this experience, this unique experiment, this unique  experience? You’re here in a body, walking  around, interacting with people, touching things, feeling things, smelling things,  sensing things, experiencing things, on a roller coaster of emotion, on a roller coaster of  excitement. Yes, there’s a lot to be sad about here. People will die, people will get hurt, people will suffer. You will die, you will get hurt, you will be harmed in some way, but how you react to that harm is up to you. How you react  to your challenges is completely up to you.

Wanna be  joyful?

You can be joyful. You can even be joyful through a terrible experience because you know you’re learning something, because you know  you’re here where you’re meant to be,  you know that everything has its purpose. You know that everything is orchestrated for your own growth. So, you can be joyful about that. You can actually see the light even in the darkest experience. You can see it. If you choose to.

Of course, you don’t have to walk around smiling and happy at every moment. You don’t have to be smiling and telling everybody that everything’s perfect when they’re in the hospital. But you can feel good about yourself. And you can feel good about life. And you can love everyone in whatever way you are compelled to love them. It’s your choice.

Be the first to be joyful.  Be the first.

Be the first to jump up and down like a child and scream “Hallelujah” just because  you want to. For no reason whatsoever. Just jump up and down and say, “Woohoo! Yeah! Woohoo!” Why not?

When you’re  prepared to accept the perfection  of  everything, you can be joyful about  anything.

When you’re  prepared to accept the perfection  of  everything, you can  be  joyful about  anything.


Note: Before I began this channeling, I stated my intent to connect with The Guardians, or a celestial master, or the highest divine energy that I could connect with. In the end, although I don’t know who I connected with,  whatever the source, it felt really, really great!

Image Credit: The Art of Living Foundation (Words by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

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