Dear Ones,

We see that you are working very hard to be the best version of yourselves that you can be and that doing so doesn’t always lead to ease and abundance. We see that many of you are wondering what else you have to do to be successful, to thrive, to have an impact on the world and the lives of those you feel passionate about helping. We see that you are all pure of heart and intention, and yet, the world seems to resist your desires and your intentions, and seems to thwart your attempts to make a difference, and to assist in the change that you know is happening and must happen for the Golden Age to begin. We see that many of you are frustrated and feeling discouraged, and in need of a sign that you are on the right track, that your efforts are appreciated, and not vain attempts to make the world a better place, like so many drops of water in a vast ocean of darkness.

Dear Ones, rest assured, your efforts do matter, and your efforts are noticed, and your efforts are an encouragement to so many, not just there in the physical, but here in the world of spirit. We see what you are doing. We see your perseverance. We see your true heart. We see your steadfast resolve. And we are so very appreciative, and so very grateful. You are making a huge difference. And the world is changing. Yes, it is too slow for your liking, and too difficult to see sometimes in the face of so many tragedies and blunders on the part of those who are still asleep. But the light is winning. Yes, Dear ones, the light is winning as little by little darkness is eradicated, and fear and misunderstanding, confusion and ignorance are transmuted by Love.

Yes, Dear Ones, the world is changing, and much good will result, and is resulting as a consequence of your efforts. You are all doing what you came here to do by being the true divine beings that you are. And this more than anything else is what is transforming so much darkness into light. This is what is awakening more and more people everyday. This is what is causing a huge ripple in the pond of life, the tsunami of love as we described it once before. This is what is changing the world, one heart at a time. This is what is causing and catalyzing the most amount of change, the most good, the most beautiful wave of enlightenment the world has ever seen. Truly, as more and more of you wake up to your divine nature, incredible possibilities are born into being.

Bless you, Dear Ones,

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

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