Feeling compelled to take action, but uncertain what form that action should take, I asked The Guardians for advice, and ended up connecting to a source that felt very different, and signed off with the moniker, The Council of One.  Here is that message:

Be at peace, Dear One. Be at peace with your situation. Be at peace with your station. Be at peace with your blessings. Be at peace with your reflection. For all that reflects back to you is but a mere representation of something that passed through your consciousness in the days and weeks gone by. Like the light from a distant star, it is the past that you see when you open your eyes and look around you. The present has not yet manifested itself as it will in the days and weeks to come.

Do you see?

Be at peace with all that you see around you, and expect the very best to unfold. And harbor, hold and express thoughts that bless your life and all others, and express peacefulness, and compassion, and gratefulness throughout your day and night. Then and only then will your reflection begin to change. Then and only then will it begin to show you the nature of your true heart and your true mind. Bless you, Dear One, for your steadfast loyalty to the Christ, to unity consciousness, and to Oneness. We salute you for your efforts, and honor you for your resolve.

Be at peace with all that is. Hold no expectations of outcome or timeline, but be true to your heart always. Love without restriction. Give without hesitation. Bless all life that passes your way. And live like this is your last day on your beautiful earth. That way, you will live fully and without regret. And worry not about what actions to take to transform your world. Transform yourself, Dear One. The world doesn’t need you to change it. The world only needs you to change you. Change you, and you give untold others permission to change too. Walk softly in the sand, and those who shall will follow in your footsteps.

Be at peace, Dear One, as truly, all is well. Yes, all is well, always and forevermore.

Bless you,

The Council of One (through Mathew Hart)

Image Credit: www.irenaorlov.com

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