I woke up this morning with a feeling that I was finding hard to express. The most I could say about it was that I felt that I had integrated, or further integrated the dark and light energy within myself. That said, the feeling was so deeply profound, I asked the Guardians if they could speak further about it as I knew I couldn’t be the only one to have experienced this feeling.

Dear One,

The integration that you speak of is a harmonizing of two polar opposite energies: the light and the dark. Polarizing energies normally exist apart from one another in a dualistic world. You observe dark manifestations, and identify them as such. Similarly, you observe light manifestations, and identify them as such. However, in the new world — the world of unity and oneness — what is taking place is that duality is giving way to unity. And, in order for this to be so, what is happening is that on an individual basis you are harmonizing the energies. You know that energy can neither be created or destroyed. Well, this applies here too. You see, with the dissolution of duality, one energy — the light — is assimilating the dark within itself, or “harmonizing” it as we put it. By doing so, the light is becoming the enriched essence of both energies existing together as one.

Of course, the dark has much to contribute to the light, just as the light has much to contribute to the dark. Neither can exist without the other as both are part and parcel of the whole of creation. However, the manifestation of darkness is a choice that is made by creator beings, of which the human race is but one of many. For aeons, creator beings such as yourselves have created many life forms and physical expressions that are out of alignment with the light. And, this has been perfectly acceptable, as creator beings with free will, your prerogative has been to create anything you wished to create. Naturally, those creations have manifested within your world — a world of duality where light forms and dark forms co-exist. However, going forward, your world is now evolving into a unified world — a world where dark and light will no longer manifest separately. You see, it is strictly a matter of physics. An apple can not grow on an orange tree anymore than a fig can grow on a plum tree. That said, in order to grow the right fruit for your new world, you all must first go thru a transformation. And, what that transformation is, is an integration of light and dark within yourselves. This is what you are feeling this morning. You are feeling the integration of light and dark. And, you are feeling these energies stirring within you the need to create, or to give birth to new expressions of unity that you are now becoming more and more capable of birthing and expressing.

So, indeed, there is good reason that you feel these forces within you, and wish to express this feeling for others to understand. You are not alone in this. In fact, there are millions of others around the world who have been going thru a similar process of integration. They too have felt forgiveness for all that has happened to them, and for all that continues to happen in the world. And, they too feel a deep sense of acceptance. They see, like you see, that there is a grand plan, and that all of the experiences — the light and the dark — are all part of that grand plan, and are the lead up to the unification and the integration and the oneness of all life that is truly the end game and the beginning game of all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

Dear One, we hope what we have shared with you this afternoon has been helpful to you. We love you, and wish only peace, joy and happiness to you and all humanity.


The Guardians of the Light (thru Mathew Hart)

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