Dear Ones,

It may appear that the changing consciousness of humanity is taking too long, or not happening at all. It may appear that there will never be peace on earth, that war and violence are part of the fabric and nature of humankind, never to be overcome, never to be eradicated from human experience. But, this is not true, And, most of you know this is so.

Just by virtue of the fact that nonviolence and peace exists in the hearts and nature of so many of you already, you can extrapolate on that fact to predict that this peace, and this love that is already felt by many can and will be shared and spread throughout the world more and more until finally everyone will share this condition, this propensity, this true human expression of peace and love, without a need or a desire to make war, to create violence, to compete for advantage.

Yes, Dear Ones, you already know it is possible. Therefore, your imagination can’t help but bring it into being. You are creator beings, and your thoughts and emotions have power. Believe it, and you will see it. Imagine it, and it will come into being. Dear Ones, love is a slow moving tide. It may not always be perceptible to the eye, but make no mistake, it is on the move, advancing ever so slowly, ever so gradually making itself known.


The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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