I was having a moment of silence when the phrase “Tap into the magic!” suddenly came to mind. I immediately felt energized and a little excited by it, and wondered, was there something The Guardians could share.

Here’s what followed:

Blessings Dear Ones,

What does it mean to tap into the magic? Very simple to state, really, but not so simple to do…

Tapping into the magic means to distance yourself from the teachings of your worldly masters, and align yourselves instead with the inner planes of your own personal knowing. That is where the real magic lies. It lies within.

But, how then does one do that? At least, how so in order to produce the seemingly magical results that follow an alignment with one’s true self and power?

Naturally, everyone first tries to follow the status quo — the dictates of parents, friends, family, teachers, bosses, and the cultural norms of the day. But, eventually, everyone wakes up to the truth that there is no truth to be found outside the realm of self. Truth, as it pertains to one’s individual path and purpose, can only be found by calming the mind, clearing the learned responses and behaviors, and reteaching oneself in keeping with the whispers that come from the stillness within. Therefore, to all those who still struggle with accepting that all the wisdom and guidance you need is to be found within, we say, be patient with yourselves — the truth awaits those who are willing to pursue it, wholeheartedly, unabashedly, and with all sincerity.

Be still, and look within. Listen to the wisdom of your own brilliance. You all are sparks of the infinite intelligence that wishes itself nothing but joy and deeper understanding. Tap into that truth, and the magic unfurls itself. Yes, the magic unfurls itself in direct proportion with your willingness to stay the course, to hold fast, to pursue your own inner beauty, and make it known and manifest for all to see and experience. As this happens more and more, magic reveals itself in ways beyond the musings of imagination, for the wondrous expressions of magic are infinite — as infinite as the far reaches of space, as infinite as one’s unique expression of unlimited possibilities can be.

Blessings Dear Ones,

We wish you all great joy, and infinite magic, as you delve further and with greater and greater trust into the unfathomable depths of your beings.

The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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