I thought I had found a way to live in a state of gratefulness at all times. But, apparently, I am struggling. Again. Still. 🙁

Here follows the channeling pep talk I received from The Guardians:

Dear One,

We hear your words, and we know your mind and heart. And, you are doing much better than you think. We would like to begin, at least, by saying that much. To continue, however, we will add that there is so much more going on in the world, and in the multiverse, than you know or realize. And, it is not possible for you to know the part you are playing on a cosmic level. You are a multidimensional being, and there are parts of you that are more satisfied and in tune with the All Of All than other parts of you. The part that you are most acutely aware of, in your earth existence, is a little dissatisfied right now in this moment, we are aware of that. However, many other parts of yourself, right now, are extremely satisfied, and comfortable with your progress — with your overall progress. So, rest assured, you are doing much better than you think or know.

Me: I feel like you are repeating yourself.

Yes, we have repeated ourselves. And, for good reason. You need to know this — that you are doing well. Once you accept this, you will open the doors to more. Until you accept this, however, you will keep yourself living a small life. So, we repeat ourselves because this is a very important point for you to grasp. Think of yourself in good terms, in a good light, for this how the Universe responds in kind.

Me: Okay. I have heard this before.

Yes, we have said this before, many times, but it is still a lesson you have not fully grasped. You keep returning back to the place of smallness, and ineffectiveness, by succumbing to negative influences. Stay large, Dear One. Believe in yourself.

Me: I believe I have at times. But, I have failed to see a direct correlation between my thoughts and my reality. So, it is difficult to positively reinforce the right behavior.

Yes, we understand this. The time between the cause and effect is not immediate enough to draw any type of inference. You must trust us on this one. Sorry. But, that is the best we can do.

Me: Hmm. Okay. I’ll do my best.


Bless you, Dear One.

We see your progress, your overall progress, and we see brilliance. The plan is succeeding. The consciousness of humanity is shifting. Doors are opening. New pathways are being created. Opportunities are growing. The movement towards peace, understanding, and abundance is gaining. Everywhere we look we see wonderful progress. Stay the course, Dear One. Believe in yourself. Trust your heart and your intuitive feelings. All is well, even and especially when it appears otherwise.


The Guardians (thru Mathew Hart)

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