Dear Ones,

Love is the message and Love is the answer.

Could it be any simpler than that?


Got needs that aren’t being met? The answer is Love. Love yourself more. Love the world more. Love those who are undeserving of your Love as much as those who are deserving. Love.

Got questions that aren’t being answered? Concerns that aren’t being met? Worries? Fears? Confusion? Hurts? Pains? Regrets? Unrealized dreams? Blockages? Injuries? Love is the way thru, and Love is the way forward.

Truly, it is as easy as that. The answer has always been right in front of you. In fact, you ARE the answer, because everything IS Love, including YOU. You come from Love. You were created with Love. You ARE Love.

The message and answer, therefore, is YOU. The real you. Not the you that’s clouded with worry, fear, regret, shame, guilt, anger, impatience, and doubt. THE REAL YOU. The you that knows the way forward. The you that knows how to heal yourself and how to heal the world. That is the real you. That is the you that is pure unadulterated, unvarnished, untarnished Love. Get in touch with that true part of yourself. Sit in silence and allow that self to emerge and express. And, you will find that you are guided, taught, and healed. And, you will find, in time, that you will want to guide and teach and heal. Because, that’s what Love is, and that’s what Love does.

Love cares. Love respects. Love accepts. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is compassion. Love is empathy. Love is forgiveness. Love knows of it’s specialness and importance, just as Love knows of the specialness and importance of all others. ALL others. Meaning, ALL life. Not just human life. And, especially not just some human life. But, ALL life.

Love cares for all life. And love respects all life. That is the true nature of Love.

Bless you, Dear Ones. The simplicity of your situation, no matter how daunting, how confusing, how desperate, how impossible, and how futile it might appear — the simplicity is not to say that we do not understand the pain, and the angst, and the difficulty that you are enduring — the simplicity is the truth that we wish to convey, nothing more and nothing less. Everything that is out of balance, out of alignment, and out of harmony about your world and your life will be corrected, efficiently, easily, and with the least amount of pain and suffering for all concerned, when you allow Love to be your guide. Love.

Love is the message and Love is the answer.


The Council of One (thru Mathew Hart)

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