At one point or another, most of us will ask the question (and feel the impatience): Are we there yet?

In my case, for the past fifteen years I’ve been guided by spirit to work with Love and intention to be the very best version of myself that I could be. And yet, even with all of the positive changes, growth, and breakthroughs that have occurred, I still suffer occasional bouts of fret, worry, and impatience, most especially in connection with the one thing in my life that just never seems to change — the flow and abundance of money.

It’s baffling to me, really, with all that I’ve experienced, you’d think my relationship with money would have changed too. But, the money tap continues to flow in the same way it has for decades now — like a creek bed in the Mojave desert. Occasionally, there are flash floods (which is great!), but for the most part, nary a trickle. Not that I’m seeking sympathy here. I’m actually just questioning why that pattern in particular has persisted while so much else has changed.

I suppose, more than any other reason, this question has arisen (once again) in response to the seven year sojourn my wife and I recently made to Los Angeles. Clearly, we were guided and assisted to move there when we did (interestingly, on July 4th, 2007). And, we cherished every single minute of independence that we had. However, unfortunately (and curiously too), my professional life began to fall apart soon after we arrived.

First, there was an industry crippling Writer’s Guild strike. Then, more industry instability when SAG performers threatened to strike. Soon after that, the devastating stock market crash of 2008. Then, the company that had been my primary source of employment for the previous ten years was sold and immediately subjected to a severe downsize. Finally, to make matters worse than worse, in order to survive, I sold off all of the shares I owned in a business that I started eight years earlier — for a song — only to see that business sold for a substantial profit six months later.

All that to say, we made the move to L.A. on faith (and much excitement), but soon found ourselves the recipients of a lot of bad luck. Of course, this would have been fine if something new had surfaced to replace the old. However, even with our positive attitude and perennial gratitude, the good fortune never seemed to arrive — at least, not in any way that we could perceive. And, truly, it wasn’t for lack of belief or effort!

Throughout our time there, both Nola and I fearlessly followed our hearts everywhere we were able. In so doing, Nola ended up experiencing a lot of success, and had some earnings to show for it. For me, however, every new project I pursued began well, but ended up in some form of impasse. Thus, long story short, as much as we loved being in Los Angeles, making a living there was challenging. After seven years, with all of our savings exhausted, and Nola’s parents suddenly in physical decline in Toronto, we felt the Universe was calling us back. So, we packed up and left.

We arrived back in Toronto in August of 2014. A month later, surprisingly, my mother announced that she too was moving back to Toronto after living in Florida for 20 years. She missed her family, she said, and wanted to be near them. Tragically, though, she arrived a few months later (in December), was diagnosed with cancer soon after, and three months later, she was gone. A year later, tragedy struck for a second time when Nola’s father left us too.

Needless to say, its been a challenge of a different sort in Toronto. Though, we’re grateful we ended up close by for the decline and eventual passing of our parents. However, after being back now for almost two years, both Nola and I are feeling anything but settled. Toronto isn’t for us — we know this. But, we’re not sure where we are meant to be. We’d love to go back to California, but we’re not at all confident that life will be any easier the second time around. Still, we’d gladly go back at the drop of a hat!

Nevertheless, before another move happens, our eldest daughter is getting married in Toronto this summer (well, 2 hours drive north of Toronto), so we’ll obviously be here for that beautiful event. But, after that, who knows? Nola’s mother is doing well, all things considered, so if we’re led to pack up and go, well, we’ll pack up and go.

In the meantime, about a week or so ago I was having a little moment of exasperation about my finances, and turned to spirit for guidance.

Here’s what I received:

Your situation is not as dire as you believe at this time. You have money in the bank. You are living in a way that brings food and shelter and the necessities of life to you, as you require them.

Continue to practice your faith and your belief in the benevolence of life, and do your best to release the memory of the anxiety and discomfort you experienced in the past. You needed time in Los Angeles to decompress from the life you used to live in Toronto. And, this time was arranged for you and Nola. You both grew a lot during that time, and learned a lot about yourselves, and each other. So, this experience will not repeat.

You both feel uncomfortable living in Toronto, and you will not be living there much longer (as you already know, or at least suspect). After [the] wedding, you will be leaving. And, a new chapter will begin for you both. Until then, try to appreciate the time you have –- the freedom you have –- and do your best to remain positive, and loving, and true to all that you hold to be dear.

Do your best, and you will see that life is actually moving along in a way that is much better and more fulfilling for you –- ultimately –- than you know or are aware. Life is good, Mathew. God is good. You are Loved. And, all is well… always.

This message was then signed off by [AA] Michael.

I think it’s noteworthy to mention that up until I channeled this message, I hadn’t heard from AA Michael in many years. I think it’s also noteworthy that my guides and angels have been off about future predictions enough times, I am now skeptical of any information I am given about future events. That said, it was definitely a welcomed, supportive message, and I felt grateful to receive it.

So, there you have it — the long overdue update.

As for the takeaway from all of this, I’d say it’s this:

Instead of worrying about when you might get “there,” find and focus on reasons to be grateful. Because truly, wherever you think “there” might be, you might never get there. So, do your best to enjoy yourself in the here and now. And remember, there is reason and purpose behind everything, even and especially if you aren’t able to see it. So, have faith. Be kind. Follow your heart. Know that you are loved. Enjoy the ride. And remember, don’t sweat the things you can’t control, and try not to sweat the things you can.

Happy Independence Day!



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